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Shaquille O’Neal pays for man’s engagement ring: ‘I’m just trying to make people smile

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The 7-foot basketball Hall of Famer, who works as an NBA analyst on TNT, was shopping at a Zales jewelry store in Atlanta, and that’s where he saw a young man looking to buy a wedding ring for his girlfriend. So what...

‘Dogwinksare man’s best friend bringing the divine into our lives with ‘Godwinks

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"Godwink is the new word of the language … it means an event which seems like a coincidence but you know comes from a divine origin. … A Dogwink is simply a Godwink that happens in the presence of a dog," Rushnell to...

How a kiss with a pilot in an elevator changed this man’s life and could help fight LGBTQ discrimination in China

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Beijing Former flight attendant Chai Cheng still has nightmares about the moment of passion that cost him everything. In ottobre 2019, footage was leaked online of Chai kissing a male pilot from the same airline -- C ...

They see one man’s death as an urgent reminder of what Biden needs to do

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It's something Azadeh Shahshahani dreads hearing. And something she says she's heard too many times already. Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced last week that a man who'd been detained at the privately r...

Più di 100 arrestato dopo le proteste per la morte di un uomo di colore sotto la custodia della polizia

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Più di cento persone sono state arrestate mercoledì notte a Bruxelles dopo violente proteste per la morte di un uomo in custodia di polizia. La procura di Bruxelles ha detto mercoledì di aver aperto un'indagine..

A German man’s Nazi grandfather took over a Jewish man’s store. He tracked down his descendants to apologize

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Thomas Edelmann was born in Germany more than 25 years after the Allies defeated Hitler. Yet last year, following an unexpected marketing call, the 49-year-old businessman contacted a retired teacher in Israel to a...

Il video di uno scontro razzista di un YouTuber nero ha portato all'arresto e al licenziamento di un uomo dell'Arizona

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Andre Abram e il suo compagno di stanza si stavano preparando a girare un video per il suo canale YouTube la scorsa settimana a Scottsdale, Arizona, quando sono stati affrontati da un uomo che ha usato insulti razzisti dopo aver chiesto loro cosa stessero facendo ...

Family sues officers for alleged use of excessive force and lack of medical care leading to man’s death

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The family of a man who died months after being arrested by police is suing four Hidalgo County, Texas sheriff's deputies, alleging the deputies crushed a vertebra in Jorge Alejandro Gonzalez Zuniga's neck and faile...

A Connecticut man’s Halloween display features real-life horrors: The coronavirus and Black lives lost

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While Americans decorate their homes with ghosts and goblins this Halloween, a Connecticut man has decided to put up a much scarier scene. Matt Warshauer erected a multipaneled Halloween display in front of his home...

Black man’s body found burning in a ditch in Iowa

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A Black man whose burning body was found in a ditch in rural Iowa has been identified as a local grandfather. Subito dopo 5:30 p.m. di mercoledì, settembre 16, authorities received a report of a fire in a roadside ...