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‘Manyassume Deshaun Watson will be placed on paid leave as lawsuits play out: reporte

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Watson, as of yet, has not faced any discipline from the NFL or the Texans as the lawsuits remain pending in Harris County, Texas. Pro Football Talk shed some light on what the assumption is around the league about h...

Mourners remember Daunte Wright as proud father who ‘was loved by so manyas activists call for justice

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Hundreds of mourners wearing COVID-19 masks packed into Shiloh Temple International Ministries to remember Wright, a 20-year-old father of one who was fatally shot by a police officer on April 11 in the small city of...

La familia de George Floyd dice que el veredicto es una "victoria para muchos’ pero la lucha por la justicia no ha terminado

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Los hermanos de George Floyd compartieron su dolor y dolor con el mundo durante casi un año.. El martes, finalmente sintieron algo de alivio. "Hoy dia, somos capaces de respirar de nuevo," Philonise Floyd dijo a los periodistas. Derek Chauvin,...

Trump’s ‘least racistclaim falls flat for many. Yet his campaign still holds appeal for some Black men.

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Washington It's one of those seemingly hard-to-explain things: President Donald Trump holds an allure for some Black men, despite his history of denigrating Black Americans and his refusal to explicitly acknowledge s...