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Princess Diana was once embraced by Princess Margaret until ‘the guillotine came down’ with tell-all: boek

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Op Dinsdag, Diana’s biographer Andrew Morton told People magazine that at first, Queen Elizabeth II’s younger sister saw "a kindred spirit" in Diana, who struggled to fit in. The 68-year-old recently wrote a new book...

The new season of ‘The Crownfeatures Princess Diana and Margaret Thatcher. Here’s what you should know about them

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The fourth season of "Die kroon" premiered on Sunday and audiences were introduced to a slew of new characters drawn from the pages of history, including Princess Diana and former British Prime Minister Margaret Tha...

'Die kroon’ tackles the Princess Diana and Margaret Thatcher years

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The fourth season of "Die kroon" is dominated by two women, and neither is the Queen. The stately Netflix drama rather pivots to the tragic tale of Princess Diana and the ascent of prime minister Margaret Thatcher, ...

Shia LaBeouf en Margaret Qualley speel in nuwe musiekvideo

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Shia LaBeouf en Margaret Qualley speel 'n paartjie in 'n nuwe musiekvideo vir "Wees lief vir my soos jy my haat" deur Margaret se suster, sangeres Rainey Qualley, wat onder die naam Rainsford optree. Die video van nege minute wys 'n r ...

‘Goldfingeractress Margaret Nolan dead at 76

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London Margaret Nolan, an actress and model who famously featured covered in gold paint in the title sequence for the James Bond movie "Goue vinger," is oorlede op die ouderdom van 76. Director Edgar Wright, who worked with N...