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Mariah Carey hits a high note for her Covid-19 vaccine

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Mariah Carey's Covid-19 vaccination was quite the performance. In a video posted on Instagram, Carey said she was "excited and nervous a little bit" about getting her first shot. But she took a breath, rolled up her...

Mariah Carey’s Christmas special is truly the greatest gift of all

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"Mariah Carey se Magical Christmas Special" is here and it's everything you dreamed it would be. Depite the coronavirus pandemic and an overall horrible 2020, Carey managed to pull off the special, filled with elves,...

Mariah Carey het die Kerstyd amptelik afgeskop

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Danksegging is dalk verby, maar dit begin baie soos Kersfees voel -- dankie aan Mariah Carey. Die lokprent vir Carey se komende Apple TV + -spesiaal, "Mariah Carey se Magical Christmas Special," debuteer Frid ...

Mariah Carey explains why ex James Packer isn’t included in her new memoir

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Mariah Carey has reportedly explained why her former fiancé, James Packer, isn't in her new memoir. According to The Guardian, the famed singer had a simple reason for why mention of the Australian billionaire does...

Mariah Carey Fast Facts

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Here's a look at the life of Grammy Award-winning singer and actress, Mariah Carey. Persoonlike geboortedatum: Maart 27, 1970 Geboorteplek: Long Island, New York Geboortenaam: Mariah Carey Father: Alfred Roy Car...

Mariah Carey reveals she once recorded an alternative album

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Mariah Carey once recorded an alternative rock album. In her upcoming memoir, "The Meaning of Mariah Carey," the singer shared that she quietly worked on Chick's 1995 album, "Someone's Ugly Daughter," skryfwerk, produ...

Mariah Carey sits down with Oprah Winfrey and spills all about her upcoming book

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Mariah Carey is telling Oprah Winfrey everything and we are here for it. In an interview for "Die Oprah-gesprek: Mariah Carey," the singer talked about some of the stories she shares in her upcoming memoir, "T ...

Mariah Carey and Tina Fey are here to brighten your day with a ‘Mean Girlsquiz

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In what is guaranteed to be the best thing you'll see all day, Tina Fey is virtually quizzing Mariah Carey on her love of "Mean Girls." The two get into a game of trivia for the latest installment of Billboard's "Qu...