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Chrissy Teigen onthul Meghan Markle het uitgereik na die dood van seun Jack: ‘Sy is regtig wonderlik en so gaaf’

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Die "Cravings" skrywer, 35, onthul op "Kyk wat gebeur live!" Dinsdagaand het die hertogin van Sussex na haar uitgereik nadat sy haar seun verloor het, Jack, laas jaar. Markle het ook 'n miskraam gehad tydens die somme..

Gloria Steinem revealed she teamed up with Meghan Markle to cold-call voters

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Meghan, Hertogin van Sussex, joined forced with political activist Gloria Steinem in efforts to get people to vote in November's presidential election. Steinem shared details of her work with Meghan during a virtual ...

Prince Harry recalls secretly meeting Meghan Markle at a London supermarket while dating: ‘It was nice’

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The Duke of Sussex appeared on Dax Shepard’s "Leunstoelkenner" podcast on Thursday where he described how he and the former American actress had to go shopping "incognito." "The first time that Meghan and I met up fo...

Prins Harry, Meghan Markle say Prince Philip will be ‘greatly missedin subtle online tribute

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Although the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have yet to issue a formal statement reacting Harry's grandfather's passing, the couple acknowledged the Duke of Edinburgh's legacy on their Archewell website. "In Loving Memor...

Charlie Hebdo-tekenprent van Meghan Markle en Queen woedend

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Die Franse satiriese tydskrif Charlie Hebdo het verontwaardiging ontketen nadat hy 'n tekenprent vrygestel het waarin die Britse koningin Elizabeth op die nek van Meghan gekniel is., die hertogin van Sussex, beroep hom op die dood van George Floyd. Th ...

Meghan Markle wins remainder of copyright claim against British tabloid over private letter to her father

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Op Woensdag, a High Court judge sided with the Duchess of Sussex’s attorneys regarding the remaining parts of the copyright claim, after lawyers representing Queen Elizabeth II refuted the defense’s claims that the ...

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry say they ‘were blessedwith their daughter’s birth

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After spending two days with their new bundle of joy, the royal pair shared the news of Meghan’s delivery in a statement they provided to their Archewell charity on Sunday, Junie 6. "On June 4, we were blessed with th...

Queen Elizabeth ‘understands why’ Meghan Markle can’t travel for Prince Philip’s funeral: verslag doen

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"It was always a given that Harry would return to England for his grandfather's passing," a California source told People magazine, adding that after Philip's death the Duke and Duchess of Sussex "were in contact wit...

Meghan Markle dedicates ‘The Bench’ to Prince Harry and Archie: They ‘make my heart go pump-pump’

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Just days after welcoming her second child, the Duchess of Sussex’s first children’s book was released on Tuesday. "The Bench" was illustrated by award-winning illustrator Christian Robinson with Markle narrating the...

Police called to Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s California mansion nine times in as many months

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Having relocated from Great Britain to Vancouver Island, then to Markle’s native Golden State in July 2020, the royal couple’s security at home has apparently been keeping busy at a monthly clip. Op Donderdag, the Tel...

How Santa and brave women, like Meghan Markle, are helping me process an unimaginable loss

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Brynn Gingras is a CNN correspondent. Die menings wat in hierdie kommentaar uitgespreek word, is haar eie. Sien meer mening oor CNN. I woke up on a Monday morning, a few weeks before Christmas, and in my inbox was an assignment t...

Meghan Markle missing Prince Philip’s funeral was the right decision for the expecting mom, sê kenners

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The Duke of Sussex touched down in the U.K. on Monday for the first time since last year. The 36-year-old will join his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II and the rest of the British royal family for his grandfather’s fu...

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry prep for 2nd baby: Experts say this is how you welcome new siblings

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Meghan, 39, is due to give birth to a daughter in February 2021, according to Women’s Health magazine. Egter, parenting experts believe it’s never too early to teach your first child about siblinghood. GIVING BIRTH...

Prins William, Prince Harry had a ‘fierce and bitter’ argument over Meghan Markle after bullying claims: boek

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Royal biographer Robert Lacey, who is also the official consultant on Netflix’s "Die kroon," has updated his book "Battle of Brothers: William and Harry – The Inside Story of a Family in Tumult" with added chapters a...

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry release a new photo of Archie on second birthday

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex posted the photo on their Archewell foundation site and it features the toddler holding balloons in the backyard of their Montecito, Cali. huis toe. Archie is facing away from the camera bu...

Prince Harry says Princess Diana was ‘chased to her death,’ saw ‘history repeatingwith wife Meghan Markle

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Harry's new series he co-created with Oprah Winfrey, getiteld "Die ek wat jy nie kan sien nie," was released on Friday, and the 36-year-old father speaks to the heartbreaking moments he witnessed the Princess of Wales endure. L ...

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