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Gloria Steinem revealed she teamed up with Meghan Markle to cold-call voters

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Meghan, Hertogin van Sussex, joined forced with political activist Gloria Steinem in efforts to get people to vote in November's presidential election. Steinem shared details of her work with Meghan during a virtual ...

How Santa and brave women, like Meghan Markle, are helping me process an unimaginable loss

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Brynn Gingras is a CNN correspondent. Die menings wat in hierdie kommentaar uitgespreek word, is haar eie. Sien meer mening oor CNN. I woke up on a Monday morning, a few weeks before Christmas, and in my inbox was an assignment t...

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to appear in Oprah Winfrey primetime special

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Oprah Winfrey has landed the first major interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry since the duo announced they were expecting their second child. CBS announced the news Monday, revealing that "Oprah With Megha...

How Meghan Markle stared down one of the world’s most powerful institutions

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A generation ago -- or even a decade or two ago -- what happened on Sunday night was unthinkable: A royal taking on the monarchic "institution" and exposing its intolerant and unkind underbelly. In an interview wit...

Prins Harry, Meghan Markle donate new roof to Texas women’s shelter damaged in storm

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A Texas shelter badly damaged by last week's winter storm is getting help from an unexpected donor. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex surprised Genesis Women's Shelter & Support in Dallas on Sunday with a donation...