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Piers Morgan joins Fox Nation’s ‘Tucker Carlson Todayon being ‘silencedfor Markle furor, quitting GMB

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Morgan, the editor-at-large of the UK Daily Mail, said in a his first interview since walking off ITV's "Good Morning Britain" -- available now on Fox Nation -- that he still doesn't believe the U.S.-born Markle, who...

Prins Harry, Meghan Markle say Prince Philip will be ‘greatly missedin subtle online tribute

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Although the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have yet to issue a formal statement reacting Harry's grandfather's passing, the couple acknowledged the Duke of Edinburgh's legacy on their Archewell website. "In Loving Memor...

Meghan Markle, son Archie spoke to Queen Elizabeth II ahead of Prince Philip’s funeral: verslag doen

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The Duchess of Sussex, 39, is currently pregnant and was advised by doctors not to travel to the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II’s husband earlier this month. Markle's husband and Philip’s grandson, Prins Harry, did m...

Chrissy Teigen onthul Meghan Markle het uitgereik na die dood van seun Jack: ‘Sy is regtig wonderlik en so gaaf’

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Die "Cravings" skrywer, 35, onthul op "Kyk wat gebeur live!" Dinsdagaand het die hertogin van Sussex na haar uitgereik nadat sy haar seun verloor het, Jack, laas jaar. Markle het ook 'n miskraam gehad tydens die somme..

Meghan Markle should learn these lessons from late American duchess Wallis Simpson, author says

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And while it’s easy to find similarities between the women, one royal author insisted they couldn’t be more different. In 2019, Anna Pasternak released a book titled "The Real Wallis Simpson" about the Duchess of Win...

Meghan Markle missing Prince Philip’s funeral was the right decision for the expecting mom, sê kenners

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The Duke of Sussex touched down in the U.K. on Monday for the first time since last year. The 36-year-old will join his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II and the rest of the British royal family for his grandfather’s fu...

Queen Elizabeth ‘understands why’ Meghan Markle can’t travel for Prince Philip’s funeral: verslag doen

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"It was always a given that Harry would return to England for his grandfather's passing," a California source told People magazine, adding that after Philip's death the Duke and Duchess of Sussex "were in contact wit...

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry have remained closely connected ahead of Prince Philip’s funeral, bron eise

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The Duke of Sussex touched down in the U.K. on Monday for the first time since last year. The 36-year-old will join his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II and the rest of the British royal family for his grandfather Prin...

Piers Morgan to Tucker: Trusting Markle ‘like believing Pinocchio;’ she’s ‘spinningfuture kings of England

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"There are so many ridiculous whoppers in this interview [with Oprah Winfrey], that frankly, in the end, saying I would believe her would be like saying I believe Pinocchio," hy het gesê, referring to the Italian puppet ...

Piers Morgan wants to ask Meghan Markle ‘more difficult questionsfollowing accusations against royal family

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The television personality, 56, made headlines about a month ago when he offered intense criticism of Markle and Prince Harry's claims made against the royal family in their tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey. Die...

Meghan Markle was once told by Queen Elizabeth she could continue acting, Princess Diana’s biographer claims

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Princess Diana’s biographer Andrew Morton recently appeared on the "Royally Obsessed" podcast and claimed the Duchess of Sussex was allowed to pursue her career. Harry previously told Oprah Winfrey during his explosi...

Police called to Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s California mansion nine times in as many months

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Having relocated from Great Britain to Vancouver Island, then to Markle’s native Golden State in July 2020, the royal couple’s security at home has apparently been keeping busy at a monthly clip. Op Donderdag, the Tel...

Hoe Meghan Markle een van die magtigste instellings ter wêreld uitstaar

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'N Geslag gelede -- of selfs 'n dekade of twee gelede -- wat Sondagaand gebeur het, was ondenkbaar: 'N Koninklike aanpak van die monargie "instelling" en die onverdraagsame en onvriendelike onderbuik daarvan bloot te lê. In 'n onderhoud met.

Michelle Obama says it ‘wasn’t a complete surpriseto hear Meghan Markle talk of racism in the royal family

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For many people of color, hearing Meghan Markle speak about racism within the royal family was, though shocking, not exactly surprising. And one of those people was former first lady Michelle Obama. In an interview ...

Prins Harry, Meghan Markle skenk nuwe dak aan Texas-vroueskuiling wat in storm beskadig is

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'N Toevlugsoord in Texas wat erg beskadig is deur die winterstorm van verlede week, kry hulp van 'n onverwagse skenker. Die hertog en hertogin van Sussex het Genesis Women's Shelter verras & Ondersteuning in Dallas op Sondag met 'n donasie..

Meghan Markle en prins Harry verskyn in Oprah Winfrey se primetime special

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Oprah Winfrey het die eerste groot onderhoud met Meghan Markle en prins Harry gelewer sedert die duo aangekondig het dat hulle hul tweede kind verwag. CBS het die nuus Maandag bekend gemaak, onthul dit "Oprah Met Megha ...

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