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Snoop Dogg y Martha Stewart se unen para un nuevo programa de televisión de Halloween

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El rapero y el gurú del estilo de vida pronto se reunirán para un especial de televisión que llegará a Peacock y, por supuesto,, se trata de comida. Noble "Halloween muy sabroso de Snoop y Martha," las estrellas darán la bienvenida a hábiles panaderos que ...

Martha MacCallum spars with teachers union president over critical race theory in classrooms: ‘That’s a dodge

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MacCallum questioned Weingarten's push to implement a curriculum based on certain parts of the 1619 Proyecto, published in 2019 by the Times. The project is based on the belief that the first importation of the slaves...

Martha Stewart is releasing her 99th cookbook

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The lifestyle expert, 79, announced her new book, noble "Fruit Desserts" Wednesday on social media. "Introducing Fruit Desserts, our founder’s 99th book, now available to pre-order. Bursting with 100+ delicious rec...

Outraged Martha MacCallum fires back at Chelsea Handler for decrying due process in Derek Chauvin trial

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MacCallum, in a guest appearance on "El cinco," lauded the jury's guilty verdict and celebrated the due process afforded to the former police officer throughout the weekslong trial. "Chauvin got the best of what the...

Martha MacCallum: Buenas noches, sweet and salty prince

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A 94, the Queen now stands alone. Those who shared her life experience, father, madre, sister and now husband, all gone. No one left to call her by her first name. Her hand written note on the flowers to her husban...

Princess Martha Louise of Norway says she’s planning a move to the U.S. after finding love with Shaman Durek

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Princess Martha Louise of Norway has revealed that she and her three daughters are planning on moving to the United States. The 49-year-old is dating Shaman Durek, a Los Angeles-based spiritual healer who has a star-...

Presidential memorabilia including George and Martha Washington’s hair are being auctioned

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On Presidents Day, many are finding ways to honor America's former leaders. At an auction house in Massachusetts, some are even bidding on their hair. Boston-based RR Auction is selling nearly 300 historic items rel...

Democrat Mark Kelly defeats Republican Martha McSally in Arizona Senate race

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Democrat Mark Kelly will defeat Republican Sen. Martha McSally in Arizona's special election, CNN projects Friday, flipping a seat from red to blue as Democrats make a final push for the Senate majority. Their path...

Connecticut will not retry Michael Skakel in Martha Moxley murder

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Forty-five years to the day after 15-year-old Martha Moxley went missing, prosecutors for the state of Connecticut said Friday that they would not retry Michael Skakel in her brutal slaying. Skakel, 60 and the nephe...