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Joe Biden rushing toward Halloween deadline for ‘American Marxism’: Mark Levin

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Levin, host of "Life, Liberty & Levin" on Sunday evenings, said that while Biden races to install a Marxist socioeconomic system in the United States, his attorney general is using the Justice Department as a pol...

‘The Five’: ‘Bloodthirsty’ Biden taking Afghan crisis out on unvaccinated; ‘Marxism flows through everything’

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"He's an angry, bitter man," Jesse Watters remarked after nearly 45 minutes of animated remarks by the president. "He is humiliated by the Afghanistan situation. He is upset with the economic recovery, where it shoul...

Mark Levin outlines origins of ‘American Marxism’: Exported from Berlin, ‘radicalized’ on campus

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Levin also laid out how movements like the "de-growth Green New Deal" and critical race theory are the venues of choice through which proponents seek to install this system of governance. He told anchor Bret Baier th...

Levin talks rise of ‘American Marxism’: Appeals to ‘people who don’t take responsibility for their own lives’

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Levin, a former president of the Leesburg, Va.-based Landmark Legal Foundation and Reagan Justice Department official, said Marxism endures as a philosophy on the far left more than 100 years after its namesake's dea...

Mark Levin highlights the rise of ‘American Marxism’ in the United States

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"The Democrat Party, this ideology, what I call American Marxism, has been spawned from Marxism," he said. "It has been Americanized and it has been used to try and use our differences, our imperfections to exploit t...

Mark Levin lays out how Americans can combat Marxism

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MARK LEVIN: It's not possible to get into everything and it doesn't also mean I have every idea imaginable on Earth and that's one of the things we need to think about and talk about too. I start with the tactics and...

Hannity warns about the danger surrounding growing support of Marxism

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Hannity commented that in Levin's book he recognized that Marxism is going by different names but holding the same ideological views. "It goes by many names. You know, democratic socialism, new green dealism, collect...

Mark Levin warns Marxism is here now and in your face

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On Sunday night, Levin began his show with a lengthy discussion on the growing discussion of critical race theory in public discourse. At the heart of the discourse, he stated, is Marxism. "Critical race theory is no...

Outsted Space Force commander warns of ‘playbook Marxism’ in US, compares it to Mao’s cultural revolution

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"You have people in uniform on their social media accounts threatening the American people if they voted for Donald Trump," Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier told Carlson on Wednesday.  "You have people in uniform, I should ...