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Dr. Zuhdi Jasser blasts Biden, Sanders for associating with ‘Marxists’: ‘It starts from the top

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"Look at Bernie Sanders. Nobody dares to seriously question Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders is a Marxist," said Levin. "If you were to ask Black Lives Matter members or leaders if they support any politician, it would...

Levin: Don’t be fooled, the Squad is nothing more than a ‘cabal of Marxists who hate this country

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Levin doubled down on his earlier warning regarding the embrace of Marxism among progressive Democrats during his opening monologue, where he blamed party leaders for allowing them to declare "war" on traditional Ame...

Rubio blasts Biden on Cuba: ‘I don’t know why it’s so hard for them to criticize Marxists

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"I don't know why it's so hard for them to criticize Marxists," Rubio said of the Biden administration in an appearance on "Hannity." CUBAN PRESIDENT URGES COUNTRY'S ‘REVOLUTIONARY’ CITIZENS TO COUNTER PROTESTS The...

Mark Levin: I have a plan to liberate your children from Marxists

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NYC MATH TEACHER RECALLED BEING ‘BARRED FROM SCHOOL BUILDING’ AFTER DECRYING SCHOOL'S ‘INDOCTRINATION’ "It's not just for parents. It's for those of us who care about this country," Levin went on. "It's about taxpaye...

Los medios de comunicación se ponen del lado de los marxistas’ contra Rittenhouse: Levin

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Levin dijo "Hannity" los medios de comunicación se han convertido en grandes "racista" y ya no es un prescrito constitucionalmente "prensa Libre." Hizo un llamado a los estadounidenses para que tomen nota de las corporaciones que controlan los principales medios de comunicación., luego...