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Uomo del Maryland che rischia l'accusa federale per presunta minaccia di Biden e Harris

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Washington Un uomo del Maryland sta affrontando un'accusa federale per presunta minaccia del candidato presidenziale democratico Joe Biden e del suo compagno di corsa, Suo. Kamala Harris, le autorità hanno annunciato mercoledì. James Dale Reed, 42...

Maryland Republican Gov. Hogan, a longtime Trump critic, casts a ballot for Reagan

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Washington Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, a Republican and outspoken critic of President Donald Trump, wrote in Ronald Reagan for president when he cast his 2020 ballottaggio. "I know it's simply symbolic. It's not going to c...

Maryland man sentenced to 1 year in jail for holding large parties, violating state’s Covid-19 rules

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A Maryland man was sentenced to a year in jail for holding two large parties and violating the state's order against large gatherings, according to the Charles County state's attorney's office. Shawn Marshall Myer...

Maryland will become the first state to ban foam food service products

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This week Maryland will become the first state in the US to ban the use of foam containers for carryout. La legge, which was approved during the 2019 state legislative session, will go into effect on October 1 and i...

University of Maryland names an academic department after Harriet Tubman

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The University of Maryland has honored Harriet Tubman by renaming an academic department after her. "It is my honor to announce a major milestone in our university's history: the first honorific naming of an academi...

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