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Rudy Giuliani unmasked on ‘The Masked Singer

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A previous version of this story first published in February. Rudy Giuliani, the former New York City mayor and former attorney to ex-President Donald Trump, was unmasked on Wednesday's episode of Fox's "The Masked ...

‘Die gemaskerde sanger’ contestant Hydra is unmasked

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"Die Gemaskerde Sanger" unveiled its three-headed beast Hydra during Wednesday's show. Hydra, a three-headed dragon who blew fire, was the show's "most out-of-control costume," according to host Nick Cannon. Hierdie week,...

Kamala Harris ripped for going maskless in crowd of masked schoolchildren

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The visit, highlighting the Biden administration's plan to upgrade public school facilities and make them more energy efficient, added to a string of instances in which Democratic politicians have appeared maskless i...

San Francisco locals react to mask mandates ending: ‘We can’t be masked up forever

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Health officials last week announced that California would end its indoor mask mandate for vaccinated people Feb. 15, though face coverings would still be required in schools. Goewerneur. Gavin Newsom implemented an indoor ...

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Stacey Abrams comes under fire for not wearing a mask in now-deleted photos with masked schoolchildren

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A since-deleted tweet featuring photos of a mask-less Stacey Abrams posing among masked schoolchildren has prompted swift backlash from political opponents who chastised the Georgia Democrat for what they describe a...

Demokratiese Rep. Jamaal Bowman caught maskless in New York high school with masked students

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The picture was taken during Bowman's visit to New Rochelle High School on Jan. 31. where he was visiting with students and discussing a recent murder within the community, according to a local newspaper. STACEY ABRA...

‘Die gemaskerde sanger’ kroon sy Seisoen 6 wenner

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In die 15de Desember episode, sangeres Jewel het die Goue Masker-trofee huis toe geneem vir haar optredes as die Koningin van Harte. Die episode het die laaste twee sangers gewys, die wenners van "Groep A" en "Groep B," – Juweel en ...

‘Die gemaskerde sanger’ reveals married pair under Banana Split

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Banana Split has been revealed. Katharine McPhee and her producer husband David Foster were unmasked as Banana Split on the latest episode of "Die Gemaskerde Sanger." There are now two finalists left, Bull and Queen of...

Gemaskerde Chrissy Teigen en John Legend koop die hele ry uit by NYC se vax enigste Radio City Music Hall

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Die duo het hul twee kinders geneem, dogter Luna, 4, en seun Miles, 2, om Radio City se Christmas Spectacular Vrydag met die bekende Rockettes te sien waar 'n bron 'n foto van hulle geneem het en opgemerk het dat hulle cl...

NYC mayor ‘troubledby video showing unmasked officers forcibly removing masked subway commuter

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New York New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said Wednesday he was "ontsteld" by a video showing two unmasked NYPD officers removing a masked commuter from a subway station this week, and he said he expects discipline for ...

‘Gemaskerde sanger’ cupcake dishes on famous family, reaction to the big reveal

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Another contestant has been unmasked on "Die Gemaskerde Sanger." Wednesday night's episode saw the cupcake crumble, revealing the voice behind the mask as Ruth Pointer of The Pointer Sisters. Pointer and her sisters Jun...

‘Die gemaskerde sanger’ unmasks Baby and the judges are shocked

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Not one of the judges guessed the true identity of the Baby on Wednesday night's episode of "Die Gemaskerde Sanger." Drumroll please ... It was none other than funny man, Larry the Cable Guy, whose real name is Daniel W...

‘Die gemaskerde sanger’ teases wild season 6 with new behind-the-scenes video, costumes

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The popular singing competition show's sixth season is set to premiere on FOX on Sept. 22 by 8 nm. Eastern. In a behind-the-scenes featuring panelist Robin Thicke obtained by Fox 5 New York, fans got a glimpse at al...

‘Die gemaskerde sanger’ reveals first costume for Season 6

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The FOX singing competition series is known for its elaborate and intricate costumes that conceal the celebrity contestant's identity while performing. Fox LA has an exclusive first look at Season 6's newest costume...

Die 2021 Met Gala will require guests be vaccinated, masked indoors

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The starry Met Gala returns this fall, but with two important caveats: Everyone going needs to be jabbed and must wear a mask indoors. "Tans, all attendees at The Met Gala on September 13 must provide proof of f...

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