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Oregon’s heat wave death toll reaches 116 in ‘mass casualty’ evento

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In an update from the state medical examiner, nine additional deaths were reported. The youngest victim of what county officials have referred to as a "evento de víctimas masivas," estaba 37 and the oldest was 97. RECORD NOR...

Philadelphia has dimmed its skyline after a ‘mass collisionkilled thousands of migrating birds

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Nearly twenty buildings in Philadelphia are dimming their lights this spring after thousands of birds perished in the city's largest mass collision in recent history. The voluntary measure has been coordinated by "B...

Police responding to a ‘mass casualty situationat FedEx facility in Indianapolis

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Law enforcement officials in Indianapolis are working a "mass casualty situation," according to Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Spokesperson Officer Genae Cook. The incident happened at a FedEx facility ...

Veteran who was harassed by Antifa over flag: Portland cops in ‘mass exodusover lack of support

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En julio, living only a block away from the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse in downtown Portland, which has become an epicenter of violence in the city, Johnson marched into the chaos carrying his American flag. He t...

No "éxodo masivo’ en California durante la pandemia, hallazgos del estudio

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No, Los californianos no han empacado y abandonado el Golden State en masa durante la pandemia de Covid-19. Eso es a pesar de algunos titulares y afirmaciones anecdóticas de lo contrario., según un nuevo estudio publicado Th ...

California activates ‘mass fatalityprogram over rising Covid-19 infections, buys more body bags

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The day after California began its Covid-19 vaccination rollout, the state activated its "mass fatality" program, including the purchase of 5,000 body bags. In a press conference Tuesday, Gobernador. Gavin Newsom said the ...