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Hannity: Putin received a massive platform in exchange for zero concessions

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The closed-door meeting took place Wednesday afternoon and both leaders held separate press conferences with many taking issue with Putin being allowed the "massiewe" platform. "Let’s be clear, the so-called summit wi...

Die Russiese vloot doen massiewe oefeninge in die Stille Oseaan voor Biden-Poetin-vergadering: verslag doen

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CBS Nuus, met verwysing na VS.. verdedigingsamptenare, het Dinsdag berig dat die Russiese bomwerpers nooit die identifikasiesone vir lugverdediging binnegekom het nie. Volgens die verslag noem die Russiese offisiere die oefening die grootste in die Pacifi..

Nikki Haley doen 'n beroep op Biden om 'massiewe bedreigings aan te spreek’ uit Rusland, China en Iran

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BODE'S EUROPA-REIS: PRESIDENTSKEMA, VERGADERINGS EN ALLES WAT JY NIKKI HALEY MOET KEN: Wat belangrik is tydens die NAVO-vergadering is, eerstens, hoe hou u China verantwoordelik? En die tweede ding moet ...

The massive law enforcement failure at the Capitol still overshadowed by politics

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The warning signs were there. In werklikheid, they were incredibly public. The feds knew. The Capitol Police knew. En tog, thanks to sheer incompetence, the officers were not prepared for the violent onslaught that led to ...

Disney’s Avengers Campus draws mile-long lines, massive crowds

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Verlede week, Disneyland officially opened its new Avengers Campus land to the public. Based on the highly successful films and comic book characters, it appears that fans were willing to wait in massive lines to experi...

Meer as 200 firefighters battle massive recycling yard fire in Phoenix

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Meer as 200 firefighters were battling a fire Saturday at a Phoenix recycling yard that drew the largest response in the history of the city's fire department, amptenare gesê. Crews stayed overnight to quell the m...

South Carolina fisherman reels in massive Goliath Grouper

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A fisherman in South Carolina recently reeled in a Goliath Grouper that he estimated weighed up to 400 pond. Op Donderdag, Tallboy Fishing Charters posted a video of the huge fish being reeled in on Facebook. Accor...

Firefighters battle massive fire at Iranian oil refinery

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Tehran A huge blaze broke out at an Iranian oil refinery south of Tehran on Wednesday, a spokesman for Iran's emergency department said, volgens staatsmedia. So far there have been no reports of injuries, as em...

JBS ransomware attack part of Russia’s ‘massive cyber warfare campaignto undermine US: General Keane

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The latest ransomware assault this week shut down the U.S.-based meat plants of the world’s largest meatpacker, Brazil-based JBS, and the White House said a criminal group likely based in Russia is thought to be resp...

Courtney Stodden kondig verlowing aan op Instagram, pronk met massiewe ring

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Die model en sanger het Sondag na Instagram gegaan om 'n foto van 'n massiewe verloofring te wys en aan hul meer as 309 000 volgers bekend te maak dat hulle amptelik gesê het. "ja." "Ek het ja gesê ... OH en die ring m ...

Dr. Ben Carson: Saddest part of Biden causing massive inflation is effect on children, next generation

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DR. BEN CARSON, MD: The sad part to me, having spent my entire professional career as a pediatric neurosurgeon and being concerned about the welfare of children is seeing what we are doing to their future. These thin...

Tim Graham: Media reversal on Wuhan lab leak – will this massive embarrassment cause them to change anything?

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It's not a mystery why this happened. The Democrats thought the coronavirus was going to be that silver bullet that would remove former President Trump from office. Their arrogant belief that Trump was an ignoramus l...

Massive shark terrifies passengers as it circles boat in the Atlantic Ocean

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A video of a massive shark circling a boat full of tourists recently went viral on social media. In die beeldmateriaal, the shark clearly appears to be much larger than a full-size person and causes several passengers on th...

3 jare terug, a massive algae bloom in Florida killed 200 tons of marine life. It’s threatening again

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It's not just tourists who invade Florida in the summer. The colorfully named, obnoxious -- and sometimes deadly -- microorganisms known as red tide and blue green algae also take advantage of the change in temperat...

No court decision on Suez Canal’s claims over massive vessel that blocked waterway

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The authority and the ship’s owner are in dispute as to whose fault it was that the ship ran aground in the canal linking the Mediterranean and Red Seas – and how much compensation should be paid. SUEZ CANAL SHIP'S C...

A massive heat dome is about to make the Southeast sweat

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The first heat wave of the season begins Sunday and continues into the workweek for much of the eastern US. While we're not yet officially in the summer, Mother Nature is playing by her own rules. Oor 30 percent of...

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