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Beirut port ablaze again, weeks after massive blast

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Beiroet, Lebanon A fire broke out at an oils and tires warehouse in the duty-free market of Beirut's port on Thursday, the Lebanese Army said in a statement on Twitter. Efforts are underway to extinguish the flames an...

Google hit with massive outage, including YouTube, Gmail and Google Docs

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New York (CNN Besigheid)Google's services were down Monday in a massive outage that prevented many people from watching YouTube videos, accessing their Google Docs or sending email on Gmail. The company's workspace st...

Police broke up a massive party of more than 1,000 people near Florida State University

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Florida is opening up and its students are itching to party. Police officers in Tallahassee, home of Florida State University's sprawling campus, responded to more than a dozen calls for in reference to large crowds...

Massive fire destroys homes of thousands in Bangladesh Rohingya refugee camps

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A fire has swept through a sprawling Rohingya refugee camp in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, destroying shelters and endangering the lives of tens of thousands of refugees, the UN refugee agency UNHCR reported Monday. Fir...

Australia’s wildfires released as much smoke as a massive volcanic eruption, studie bevind

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Australia's devastating recent wildfires thrust as much smoke into the Earth's atmosphere as a powerful volcanic eruption, causing cooling over the region's oceans with potentially long-lasting impacts, Volgens...

The National Weather Service spotted a massive bat colony on its weather radar

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Moordhorings, zombie cicadas, invasive lizards -- the list of icky pests popping up across the United States appears to be growing this year. Next on the list? Massive bat colonies, just in time for Halloween. Met...

Misteries van massiewe gate wat in Siberiese permafrost gevorm word, word deur wetenskaplikes ontsluit

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The massive crater appeared violently and explosively in the Siberian tundra last year -- a powerful blowout of methane gas throwing ice and rock hundreds of feet away and leaving a gaping circular scar in the empty...

China bou massiewe Covid-19 kwarantynekamp vir 4,000 mense soos die uitbreking voortduur

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China is besig om 'n massiewe kwarantynekamp te bou wat meer as 4,000 mense, na 'n uitbraak van Covid-19 vandeesmaand wat tienmiljoene mense onder streng toesluit gelaat het. Die kwarantynkam ...

Demokratiese Rep. Zoe Lofgren publiseer stilletjies massiewe sosiale media-verslag oor GOP-kollegas wat gestem het om die verkiesing te keer

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Washington Democratic Rep. Zoe Lofgren has quietly posted a nearly 2,000-page report documenting social media posts by her Republican colleagues who voted against certifying results of the presidential election on Ja...

Goodwill employee finds massive sum of cash in donation, helps return money to owner

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Norman, Oklahoma Andrea Lessing had seen a lot of unique donations in her time as an Oklahoma Goodwill employee, but none nearly as valuable as $ 42,000 in cash. Lessing had been sorting through a pile of donations...

Federal officials are investigating utility equipment near the start of massive Bobcat Fire

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Federal investigators looking into the origins of the massive Bobcat Fire are focusing on utility equipment owned by Southern California Edison (SCE) that experienced an issue moments before the fire was first repor...

Republikeine uit Texas het gekritiseer vir misleidende bewerings dat hernubare energiebronne massiewe onderbrekings veroorsaak het

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Gov. Texas. Greg Abbott en ander Republikeine wil die skuld aflei, misleidend na hernubare energiebronne, waaronder wind- en sonkrag, verwys as die skuldiges van die massiewe kragonderbrekings van die staat, as my ...

Another ‘massiveTrump conspiracy theory totally fizzles out

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Two months ago, President Donald Trump went on with conservative radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt to talk about a MAJOR scandal involving, onder andere, voormalige vise-president Joe Biden. "We're talking about unmaskin...

Hoe Trump massiewe bedrae geld na die verkiesing ingesamel het en ander wegneemetes uit die veldtog

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President Donald Trump het ongelooflike bedrae ingesamel nadat hy die Withuis verloor het. Die casino-miljardêr Sheldon Adelson het in die kwynende dae van die verkiesing aangehou skenk, en Suid-Carolina Sen.. Lindsey Graham het 'n nuwe fondsinsameling opgestel..

Prince Philip didn’t want the ‘fuss’ and ‘frills’ of ‘a massive funeral,’ author says

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Philip, who spent more than seven decades supporting his wife Queen Elizabeth II, died on Friday. Hy was 99. The duke was Britain’s longest-serving consort. Terug in 2013, Philip told officials that when he dies he do...

Federal judge refuses to stop mail-in voting in Montana, blasts Trump-backed ‘fictionof massive voter fraud

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Washington A federal judge in Montana rejected the Trump campaign's effort to stop an expansion of mail-in voting in the state. The Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee filed the lawsuit earlier this...

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