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Rep. Brian Mast on ‘Faulkner Focus’: Biden admin created ‘an Afghanistan hostage crisis’

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REPORTS OF TALIBAN TARGETING BLACKLISTED AFGHANS, JOURNALISTS SPREAD FEAR REP. BRIAN MAST: It's so dangerous in this respect. It's very clear the Biden’s administration's objective is always optics. They were probabl...

Reps. Scalise, Mast: Biden’s Afghanistan exit is a disgrace and it’s one of many avoidable disasters

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This week, President Biden and his fellow Democrats in Congress prioritized ramming through their $ 3.5 trillion tax and spending spree instead of focusing all their energy on rescuing every American that they stran...

Brian Mast on Afghanistan hearing: Is Blinken too arrogant to resign?

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BLINKEN TO FACE GRILLING FROM CONGRESS ON AFGHANISTAN WITHDRAWAL REP. BRIAN MAST: What I lost was a scratch compared to what so many who lost their lives. What I want to know directly is, is he simply too arrogant to...

Brian Mast: Biden’s vaccine mandate is ‘worst violation of civil liberties in decades’

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BIDEN TO ANNOUNCE HEALTH INSURERS MUST COVER 100% OF COST OF AT-HOME COVID TESTS BRIAN MAST: It's obvious why it's critical. We have the federal government telling employers that they have to mandate that their emplo...

Rep. Mast blasts Biden administration for ending vets’ Memorial Day motorcycle tradition

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"Memorial Day traditions like Rolling to Remember have been granted permits by every administration, Democrat and Republican, for the past 30 years. The Biden Administration's decision to end this Memorial Day tradit...

Rep. Mast asks Biden to intervene after veterans group denied use of Pentagon parking lot

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"If you look at the facts that BLM can get a riot permit in Washington, D.C., with COVID going on at the exact same time, how do you not allow veterans into the parking lot, the 70-acre parking lot of the Pentagon in...

Brian Mast blasts Nancy Pelosi’s mask mandate as ‘power grab’, Democrats only care about ‘control’

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MAST: If it's Pelosi, it's always a power grab. That's the name of the game with her. You asked in an earlier segment, how can they get away with always being wrong? They don't care about if they're right. They only ...

Brian Mast slams ‘wokeness,’ says it would be the ‘most dangerous’ thing for our military

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TWITTER EXPLODES OVER RUSSIAN ARMY RECRUITMENT AD PARED TO 'WOKE' US VERSION: 'WE ARE DOOMED' BRiAN MAST: The most dangerous thing for our military is wokeness. Up to this point, that hasn't been the place that the m...

Rep. Mast rips Biden, Harris Memorial Day tweets supporting ‘army of the woke’

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REP. BRIAN MAST: I think it's a far cry from incredible words and speeches that I've heard from people like Ronald Reagan, right?  And you think back to his heroes speech. For those who think that there are no more h...