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‘Threat Matrixstudy reveals football and basketball players ‘suffer horrific online abuse

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Leading sports stars are having their mental well-being and performance impacted by "horrific online abuse" and are receiving a "torrent" of hateful messages for showing solidarity with social causes, volgens 'n ...

The Wachowski sisters are auctioning off ‘Matrixmemorabilia and more to support trans youth

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Lana and Lilly Wachowski, the filmmakers behind "The Matrix" series and "Cloud Atlas," are auctioning off nearly 200 props and film ephemera from their vast archives. It wasn't easy to part with some of the treasure...

‘The Matrix Resurrections:’ First reactions are in

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Which pill will you take, love it or hate it? "The Matrix Resurrections" has received it's first batch of reactions and even folks who enjoyed it are aware that not everyone will. Vox's critic Emily VanDerWerff too...

Keanu Reeves still knows kung fu in new ‘Matrix’ sleepwa

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Neo and Trinity have still got it. Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss are reprising their roles as Neo and Trinity in "The Matrix Resurrections," the fourth installment in "The Matrix" franchise. In the latest trail...

‘The Matrix 4posts first footage to interactive fan site

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"The Matrix" is back with a first look at the fourth installment of the movie franchise. An interactive website called has launched, offering fans a sneak peek at footage from the film. But it co...

‘The Matrix 4teases upcoming movie trailer: ‘The choice is yours

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A teaser poster for "The Matrix Resurrections" was also revealed alongside an updated interactive website that displays the familiar options of choosing the red pill or the blue pill. "The choice is yours," reads the...