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Biden to reporter asking if he regrets MBS fist bump: ‘Why don’t you guys talk about something that matters?’

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"Why don’t you guys talk about something that matters? I’m happy to answer a question that matters," Biden ha detto. SAUDI ARABIA AGREES TO INCREASE OIL PRODUCTION LEVELS, WILL HELP ‘STABILIZE MARKETS,’ WHITE HOUSE SAYS...

Sleep duration matters for heart health, according to new recommendations

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Sign up for CNN's Sleep, But Better newsletter series. Our seven-part guide has helpful hints to achieve better sleep. If you needed another reason to get enough sleep, here it is: It may help your heart health. ...

What really matters when choosing an athletic shoe, secondo gli esperti

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Before beginning any new exercise program, consult your doctor. Stop immediately if you experience pain. Not all that long ago, people owned one generic pair of gym shoes, which they used for all sports and activiti...

Jake Daniels: Why Blackpool player’s decision to come out as gay matters

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It shouldn't matter. Ma lo fa. When 17-year-old Jake Daniels publicly came out as a gay on Monday, phones pinged as the UK's media raced to push out news alerts. This is a big story. In less than 24 ore, il ...

Holy Week has just begun: Here’s why it matters to Christians

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PALM SUNDAY, START OF HOLY WEEK FOR CHRISTIANS Holy Week 2022 began on Sunday, aprile 10, with Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday began this year on Sunday, aprile 10, 2022. (iStock) It will conclude on Holy S...

I was part of the ‘Miracle on Ice,’ here’s why watching Team USA at the Beijing Olympics matters

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That doesn’t sound like much, but as an Olympic competitor, it’s often all you have. The thing people frequently forget about the Olympics is that outside of a few high-profile sports, most Olympians are amateur athl...

California jewelry store owner takes matters into his own hands and stops smash-and-grab attempt

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The attempted smash-and-grab robbery of the Maaz Jewelers store happened on Jan. 21 a 1:06 p.m. inside the Tanforan Mall., according to a press release by the San Bruno Police Department. Five males approached the s...

La promessa di Biden alla Corte Suprema non è né di Reagan né di Trump, è ingiusta

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La promessa di Biden alla Corte Suprema non è né di Reagan né di Trump, è ingiusta ...

Biden admin ‘reckless’ regarding court matters, Jonathan Turley says

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Turley specifically referred to the high court’s rejection this week of an OSHA coronavirus vaccine mandate for large businesses, which the justices rejected. He said White House chief of staff Ron Klain’s characteri...

ma i medici non sono ancora convinti che sia necessario: ma i medici non sono ancora convinti che sia necessario’

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Da allora, ma i medici non sono ancora convinti che sia necessario, ma i medici non sono ancora convinti che sia necessario (CPS) ma i medici non sono ancora convinti che sia necessario 17 ma i medici non sono ancora convinti che sia necessario, ma i medici non sono ancora convinti che sia necessario.

Jim Jordan torches Democrats ‘crazy’ conto di spesa: It’ll ‘make matters worseas inflation concerns rise

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CHAD PERGRAM: BIDEN'S SPENDING BILL IS A DRAMA IN 4 ACTS REP. JIM JORDAN: I don't think there'll be any Republican in the Senate or the House [who will] vote for this crazy piece of legislation. And frankly, let's ho...

Biden still hasn’t nominated an OMB director. Here’s why that matters.

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Nine months after taking office, President Joe Biden still doesn't have a permanent director of a critical agency in his administration. The last Cabinet-level position that hasn't been filled is the director of th...

Why Virginia’s 2021 election matters

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Virginia's gubernatorial election is now less than three weeks away. Ex Gov. Terry McAuliffe hopes to keep the governor's mansion in Democratic hands, while Glenn Youngkin hopes to become the first Republican to...

Gli investigatori di Internet prendono in mano la situazione e fanno di Brian Laundrie l'uomo più ricercato d'America

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Petito e Laundrie hanno lasciato New York per un viaggio attraverso il paese a luglio e hanno documentato il loro viaggio verso ovest su Youtube e Instagram prima che Laundrie tornasse a casa in Florida da solo a settembre 1. Petito è stato segnalato mis...

US Army Special Ops veterans take matters into their own hands to get trusted ally out of Afghanistan

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Having little faith that the U.S. government will pull through on its promise to these heroes on the ground, some have begun to seek alternative ways to ensure their safety. Greg Adams, a former Green Beret in the U....

I creatori neri non ballerebbero su TikTok sull'ultima traccia di Megan Thee Stallion. Ecco perché il loro sciopero è importante

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Quando la nuova canzone del rapper Megan Thee Stallion, "merda," caduto intorno a metà giugno, la maggior parte pensava che fosse solo questione di tempo prima che comparisse un nuovo ballo su TikTok. È diventata una tendenza prevedibile. Un divertimento, su...