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Matthew Modine may be Hollywood’s most reliable touchstone

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Matthew Modine has the coveted kind of Hollywood career -- his pick of roles, always working, yet generally left alone in public. A familiar face on television and movie screens for decades, Modine can most recentl...

Julia Roberts tested Matthew Perry before agreeing to appear on ‘Friends

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According to the co-creator of "Amici," Julia Roberts didn't make it easy to snag her for a guest-starring role. Kevin Bright joined others in talking to the Hollywood Reporter in honor of the 25th anniversary of ...

Matthew Perry è fidanzato con "la più grande donna sulla faccia del pianeta’

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Matthew Perry è fidanzato con la sua ragazza, Molly Hurwitz, il "Amici" star rivelata nei commenti pubblicati giovedì. "Ho deciso di fidanzarmi," ha detto il 51enne alla rivista People. "per fortuna, Mi è capitato di essere da ...

Matthew Perry says ‘Friendsreunion to film in March

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Fans will have to wait a little bit longer for the "Amici" riunione. Matthew Perry, who starred on the hit series as Chandler Bing, announced on Twitter that the highly anticipated reunion will now happen in 2021....

Matthew Broderick ‘very gratefulfor marriage to Sarah Jessica Parker

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Credici o no, Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker have been married for 23 anni. Broderick can barely believe it himself. The actor recently appeared on SiriusXM's Radio Andy show with Bruce Bozzi, per ...

Cutouts of Matthew McConaughey filled the stands at a Texas football game

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Fans have long had an impact on sporting events. But with stadium capacity restrictions in place amid the coronavirus, teams have been forced to get creative. The University of Texas did just that during Saturday's...