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Kings snap 9-game losing streak, beat Mavericks 121-107

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Barnes scored 11 in the third quarter as the Kings built a 21-point lead midway through the period. Sacramento, which never trailed, held off a late Dallas run that cut the lead to six with 3½ minutes left. CLICK HER...

Luka Doncic lifts Mavericks with improbable game-winning shot vs. Grizzlies

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The Mavericks were down two points with less than two seconds remaining in the game. Doncic got the ball and put up a prayer from just beyond the three-point line and the ball went through the net. CLICK HERE FOR MOR...

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban reaches out to help former NBA player Delonte West, volgens berigte

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Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban told ESPN that he picked up former NBA star Delonte West at a Dallas gas station Monday and is working with West's family and friends in an attempt to get the 37-year-old's life bac...