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PBS’ Yamiche Alcindor presses White House to defend Maxine Waters’ call for confrontations

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"I wonder why the White House isn’t coming to the defense of Rep. Waters given the fact that she is facing an onslaught of attacks by, I would say Republicans, I wonder why the White House isn’t saying, ‘We back what...

Larry Elder blasts LA prosecutor following murder in Maxine Waters’ neighborhood

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Elder noted on "Hannity" that the murder of Brianna Kupfer occurred in the same neighborhood where Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., resides. "Regarding this young lady from UCLA, this graduate student, and these [Union-...

Maxine Waters defends involvement with protesters in Minnesota amid criticism over ‘confrontational’ comments

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Chauvin is charged with second- and third-degree murder as well as manslaughter for Floyd's death, after a confrontation where Chauvin pinned Floyd to the ground by kneeling on his neck for more than nine minutes. Ch...

Maxine Waters takes victory lap on MSNBC after House GOP’s failed effort to censure her over remarks

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Waters traveled to Brooklyn Center, Minnesota on Saturday, telling reporters that if the former Minneapolis police officer wasn't convicted in the death of George Floyd: "We've got to stay on the street and we've got...

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey fires back at Dem Rep. Maxine Waters over ‘racist’ ad claim

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"This is plain racist ignorance in your face," Waters said during an appearance on MSNBC on Easter Sunday. "And so, when you talk about responding, it’s more like ignoring and keeping up the fight against racism and ...

Psaki says Biden believes ‘protests must be peaceful’ after Maxine Waters’ ‘confrontational’ comments

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In controversial comments over the weekend, Waters said protesters in Minnesota should "stay on the street and get more active, more confrontational." When asked if Biden agrees with this, Psaki did not directly answ...

Maxine Waters’, Biden’s pre-Chauvin verdict comments come under scrutiny as defense eyes appeal

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Waters, who had visited Minnesota before the verdict was announced, said that if Chauvin is not convicted of murder, protesters should "stay in the street," "get more active," and "get more confrontational." In a New...

Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer’s rhetoric feeds political ‘hatred’: Cruz

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Nicholas John Roske appeared in a Maryland courtroom Wednesday after allegedly telling law enforcement he intended to kill Kavanaugh. Roske reportedly was upset the high bench may overturn Roe v. Wade and relegate ab...

Tomi Lahren blasts ‘vile excuse for a human being’ Maxine Waters for ‘inciting violence’ in Minnesota

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LAHREN: All the left has been wanting to talk about for the last several months is January 6, a single day. Let's recall that Donald Trump was deplatformed from all of social media for encouraging his supporters to p...

Kevin McCarthy: Dems could have condemned Maxine Waters’ rhetoric, but instead they condoned it

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KEVIN MCCARTHY: Well, every Democrat and Speaker Pelosi had the opportunity to condemn this violent rhetoric. Instead, they condoned it, which only makes the House of Representatives and the Justice Department weaker...

Cotton accuses Maxine Waters of trying to ‘fan the flames in the streets’ with ‘appalling’ rhetoric

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"I don't want to prejudge the case now that it is with the jury," Cotton told "Special Report" host Bret Baier, "but I will say that it is appalling to see a senior Democrat in Congress going out of her way to Minnes...

Rep. Maxine Waters calls out Chauvin trial judge: ‘He was way off track’

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Chauvin's attorney asked for a mistrial in the case citing Waters' charged remarks to protesters prior to the jury being sequestered. The Minnesota judge on the case, Peter Cahill, denied the request but rebuked Wate...

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