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GOP belowe terugbetaling oor bestedingsrekening, NYC se burgemeester reageer op die tweede trekbus en meer hoofopskrifte

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'DIT IS GROOT' - Eric Adams, burgemeester van New York, hou niks terug nadat die tweede bus migrante opgedaag het nie. Lees verder … Draai die gety - LA Times druk president Biden om 'n noodtoestand bo-ver-links te verklaar ....

Eric Adams, burgemeester van NYC, het die Gov. Greg Abbott nadat die tweede bus van migrante aangekom het: 'Dit is aaklig'

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Adams het Sondagoggend 'n nuuskonferensie by die hawe-owerheid gehou waar hy 'n inkomende bus van ongeveer gegroet het 40 migrante - slegs 14 van wie in die Groot Appel afgestap het. Eric Adams, burgemeester van New York, links,...

New York se burgemeester Adams is woedend oor 'klein deel' van die grenskrisis wat sy heiligdomstad beïnvloed, Texas AG

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KEN PAXTON: …Deel daarvan is dat ons 'n groot probleem op die grens het. Hulle is [NYC] ervaar net 'n bietjie hiervan. ek bedoel, dis amper 'n bietjie ongerief vir hulle, maar dit is 'n groot probleem vir ons....

Recidivists fuel New York City’s rise in crime, mayor and police officials say

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams and police officials on Wednesday released data showing that the number of people arrested three or more times a year for crimes such as robbery, burglary and grand larceny increased s...

Jason Chaffetz: Muriel Bowser, burgemeester van DC, betree die aksie en smeek die Nasionale Wag om hulp

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LAURA INGRAHAM: BIDEN ‘WEET SLEGS HOE OM OM TE VERLOOR’ TE midde van 'n resessie onder sy horlosie JASON CHAFFETZ: Maar nou begin DC-burgemeester Muriel Bowser in die aksie en smeek die Nasionale Wag vir hulp om die toestroming te hanteer..

Gov. Texas. Abbott sent more than 5,100 migrants to Washington. Nou, DC mayor says her city is at a ‘tipping point

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Washington, DC, Mayor Muriel Bowser is asking for aid from the DC National Guard to help with migrants being sent by bus from Texas, according to a letter obtained by CNN affiliate WUSA. The mayor's office says the ...

Beverly Hills mayor rejects LA County mask mandate: ‘More important issues to enforce

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MEDICAL EXPERT SLAMS LA COUNTY HEALTH DIRECTOR OVER MASK MANDATE PUSH LILI BOSSE: I very much believe in the power of choice. I think we've learned a lot since 2020, and it also became a function of enforcement. Ons h...

Bears hoping for new stadium as Chicago mayor releases plans for Soldier Field renovations

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Lightfoot proposed fully enclosing the stadium by rebuilding both end zones with columns that can support a dome; rebuilding both end zones with columns to make the stadium dome-ready; or modifying Soldier Field to b...

Arizona mayor says border agents frustrated at having to process more migrants: ‘They can’t do their job

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FBI WARNS SMUGGLERS ARE HOLDING MIGRANTS FOR $ 10K RANSOM AT TEXAS STASH HOUSES AFTER CLEARING MEXICO BORDER DOUGLAS NICHOLLS: What they're really focused on is border security, that's what they've all signed up fo...

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney hasn’t met with families of city’s 300 homicide victims this year

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"I have not spoken specifically to families," Kenney said when asked by Fox Philadelphia. "I have spoken to the officers involved in the shootings but have not spoken individually to people." The mayor said he has sp...

Washington mayor torched as hypocrite for complaining about border migrants bused to DC

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Bowser called the migrant issue "betekenisvol" and said she is urging a coordinated federal response, further claiming migrants are being "tricked" into boarding buses to Washington. Vroeër die jaar, video circulate...

Mayor Bowser claims illegal immigrants crowding DC homeless shelters are asylum seekers ‘trickedonto buses

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Host Margaret Brennen brought up a Washington Post report that suggested homeless shelters are now being filled with illegal immigrants being bused in from Texas and Arizona. Bowser admitted that it’s a "betekenisvol ...

Akron mayor intends to lift city curfew implemented following police shooting of Jayland Walker

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The nightly curfew in Akron, Ohio, put in place following the police shooting of Jayland Walker will be lifted if there are no major public safety concerns Saturday evening, Mayor Daniel Horrigan said. City official...

Lawrence Jones calls out Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and SA Kim Foxx: Nowhere to be found

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LAWRENCE JONES: So here we are again, more lives lost. I travel across the country each and every week from Chicago to New York, from Los Angeles to Dallas. I've been there, I've talked to the grieving families, wetgewing ...

Highland Park mayor touts city’s strict gun laws after mass shooting, points finger at Indiana, Missouri

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Tydens haar verskyning, Rotering called for national gun control laws to prevent "anybody from going to Missouri or Indiana…picking up whatever they want and coming back into Illinois," despite the alleged shooter buy...

Disgraced former Rep. Anthony Weiner launches new podcast, claims ‘no intention’ to run for mayor again

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The episode primarily focused on the subject of stop and frisk and what effects it could have on the rising crime rates in New York City. Egter, once Weiner spoke with his first guest, activist Charlie King, the to...

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