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Republican speaks out after defeating Obama-backed opponent to win mayoral election in South Carolina

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Columbia, CAROLINA DEL SUR. mayor-elect Daniel Rickenmann told "zorro & Amigos primero" on Tuesday that he and his team won by going "back to the basics" and focusing on issues that affected his constituents’ everyday lives, suc...

Ex-Mets manager Bobby Valentine whiffs on Connecticut mayoral run, gripes about coverage

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Valentine was running as an independent for the mayor of Stamford against Democrat state Rep. Caroline Simmons. sin embargo, by early Wednesday, Valentine has conceded defeat to supporters. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA VER MÁS COV. DEPORTIVO..

Michelle Wu set to make history after Annissa Essaibi George concedes in Boston mayoral race

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City Councilor Michelle Wu is set to become Boston's next mayor after her more moderate challenger conceded, making her the first woman and person of color elected to the top post in the city's history. CNN has not ...

NYC mayoral election: Democrat Eric Adams soundly defeats Republican Curtis Sliwa

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Adams, the current Brooklyn borough president, was overwhelmingly favored to win the election since defeating 12 other Democratic candidates in a primary election over the summer. Registered Democrats outnumber Repub...

Five mayoral races to watch on Tuesday

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Voters head to the polls to cast ballots for mayor in key American cities on Tuesday. Divisions that have played out in Washington between moderate and progressive Democrats are also very much alive in these races ...

5 takeaways from the New York City mayoral debate

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The contest to become New York City's next mayor effectively ended early this summer, when Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams won the Democratic primary. But on Wednesday night, Adams shared a stage with the Repu...

Former Seattle mayoral candidate says defunding police caused exodus of officers: ‘Experiment isn’t working

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"It is terrifying," Randall told "zorro & Amigos." Randall said the experiment of defunding the police as a way to try to address the issue of police violence has not worked. He argued that the city council’s dec...

NYC mayoral candidate: Democrats have become ‘too complicated,’ failing to reach the ‘average person

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President Joe Biden's November victory showed a drop in Black and Hispanic support from 2016, alarming Democrats about a possible trend toward Republicans. "Bien, I believe that we’re not spending enough time on the ...

Boston mayoral race narrows to Michelle Wu and Annissa Essaibi George, two women of color, for the city’s top job

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Boston mayoral candidates Michelle Wu and Annissa Essaibi George, both Democratic city councilors, will advance to the November general election, Proyectos de CNN, setting up a historic contest that will for the first t...

Boston to vote in first leg of historic mayoral campaign

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The city of Boston will select the two finalists for its November mayoral election on Tuesday in a preliminary contest that will have a historic result, no matter the outcome. There are five major contenders for the...

NYC mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa pastes name of incoming governor over Andrew Cuomo’s on state signage

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Sliwa, founder of the Guardian Angels and a longtime Cuomo critic, posted video of himself as he knelt beside an official sign for Pier 76 on Manhattan's west side. He leaned in and pasted Lt. Gobernador. Kathy Hochul's nam...

Seattle ultraliberal se dirige a las urnas para las elecciones primarias de alcalde con la "policía de desfinanciamiento"’ empujar bajo escrutinio

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Las primarias en la ciudad más grande de Washington no son partidistas, y los dos candidatos que reciban más votos el martes se enfrentarán durante las elecciones generales de noviembre. El concurso, sucediendo más de un año después de d ...

NYC mayoral candidate Eric Adams says America is not a ‘socialist’ país: ‘let’s be clear on that

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"This is not a socialist country, let’s be clear on that," Adams, un demócrata, told Maher Friday evening. "This is a country that believes in giving people the opportunities [asi que] that they will be able to succeed and ...

NYC GOP mayoral candidate argues decades of unarmed patrol experience outpaces Democratspolitical play

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President Biden included Adams, a retired NYPD captain and current Brooklyn borough president, in a roundtable discussion on gun violence at the White House this week – even though Adams barely won his Democratic pri...

'Tu mundo’ on NYC mayoral election, US pulling out of Afghanistan

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NEIL CAVUTO, ANCLA DE NOTICIAS DE FOX: Rastro, thank you very much.We are on top of crime that, job one right now, according to most voters in the country, but for today, with the president in Chicago and talking with Mayor Lo...

NYC Democratic mayoral nominee Adams says treat gun violence ‘as public health emergency

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"We have abandoned our cities," Adams, who served more than two decades in the New York Police Department, emphasized in an interview on CBS News. BIDEN MEETS IN CHICAGO WITH MAYOR LIGHTFOOT AFTER CITY EXPERIENCES VE...

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