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‘Thunder Forcestars Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer on how real-life friendship helps movie

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The actors spoke to Fox News while promoting their new film about how their connection off-screen helps their performance on-screen. The pair play superheroes who fight crime after ingesting a special formula that gi...

‘Thunder Forceteams Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer in a weak superhero spoof

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Melissa McCarthy teams up with husband Ben Falcone again on "Thunder Force," a comedic dud that's aptly titled, since it makes loud noises without really needing to be seen. The one thing unlikely to be heard during...

Biden om Gina McCarthy te benoem as die beste plaaslike klimaatswerk

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Verkose president Joe Biden sal Gina McCarthy as sy klimaats-tsar in die Withuis benoem, vertel 'n bron wat vertroud is met die besluit aan CNN, wat die voormalige hoof van die Agentskap vir Omgewingsbeskerming tot sy beste plaaslike klimaat maak..

GOP-stilte oor Trump se vals verkiesingseise herinner aan die era van McCarthy

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Die stilte van Kongres Republikeinse leiers as president Donald Trump se ongegronde aansprake van verkiesingsbedrog word al hoe wilder en vergiftiger lyk soos die party se respek vir Sen. Joe McCarthy tydens die ...

Kevin McCarthy: Dems could have condemned Maxine Waters’ retoriek, but instead they condoned it

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KEVIN MCCARTHY: Wel, every Democrat and Speaker Pelosi had the opportunity to condemn this violent rhetoric. In plaas daarvan, they condoned it, which only makes the House of Representatives and the Justice Department weaker...

McCarthy issues apparent rebuke of reported GOP caucus platform promoting ‘Anglo-Saxon political traditions

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"America is built on the idea that we are all created equal and success is earned through honest, hard work. It isn’t built on identity, ras, or religion," McCarthy wrote on Twitter. "The Republican Party is the par...

McCarthy survives tumultuous week and emerges with a tight grip on House Republicans

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Washington House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy began this week facing perhaps the biggest challenge of his time as leader. He emerged at the end of it having survived but not unscathed. While he has a tighter grip o...

McCarthy: Maxine Waters ‘finds value in violence’; Democrats must censure or ‘own’ haar, Tlaib’s statements

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McCarthy told host Ben Domenech on "Fox News Primetime" that this is not the first example of Waters, 82, urging unrest to reach political ends. She previously told a crowd in California in 2018 aan "get in the face" ...

Suspected terrorists apprehended at Southern border: McCarthy requests classified FBI, CIA briefing

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Hierdie week, Doeane- en grensbeskerming (CBP) announced that two Yemeni men had been apprehended and identified on a terror watch list in the El Centro Sector in California in the last two months. The first arrest, ...

Trump targets Cheney as he unites with McCarthy

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Former President Donald Trump is focusing his political energy on targeting Rep. Liz Cheney, the third-ranking House Republican, who voted for Trump's impeachment earlier this month. According to one source, Trump h...

Why Kevin McCarthy has already failed his first big leadership test

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"When you have to make a choice and don't make it, that is in itself a choice," William James, one of the most prominent American philosophers of the 19th Century, once said. James' words rang through my head over t...