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Mick Jagger pokes fun at Paul McCartney after diss: ‘He’s going to join us in a blues cover

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Jagger, 78, and McCartney, 79, have been part of the long-standing rivalry between the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Jagger poked fun at McCartney after the musician called the Rolling Stones a "blues cover band" D...

Paul McCartney slams The Rolling Stones, calls them a ‘blues cover band’

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In an interview with The New Yorker, the Beatles member called rival British rock band The Rolling Stones a "blues cover band." Ouch. WHAM! BASSIST DEON ESTUS DEAD AT 65 Sir Paul McCartney "Hey Grandude!"...

Paul McCartney says it was John Lennon who broke up the Beatles

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When the biggest band in British musical history, the Beatles, broke up in 1970, fans pointed the finger at co-lead vocalist Paul McCartney. Ahora, more than half a century later, McCartney has revealed it was, in fac...

John Lennon honored by Paul McCartney, Yoko Ono on 81st birthday

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Lennon would have been 81. The Beatles star was shot to death at the age of 40. McCartney shared a throwback photo of Lennon and him playing the guitar in the style of a violin. "Happy Birthday thoughts for John - PAG...

‘McCartney 3,2,1’ lleva al ex Beatle a un paseo mágico por el camino de la memoria

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"Recuerdos de la tercera edad sobre la música" -- en blanco y negro, no menos -- doesn't sound like a classic elevator pitch, until you see that guy is Paul McCartney, leading a magical tour down memory lane for the Beatle...

Robert De Niro struggling to keep up with wife’s ‘thirst for Stella McCartney’: divorce lawyer

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The elderly acting legend is already a tax delinquent again — with the paychecks from his next two movies to offset his latest multimillion-dollar bill to Uncle Sam, his divorce lawyer claimed. "señor. De Niro is 77 sí...

Paul McCartney shows off his musical skills in a new album recorded during quarantine

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Paul McCartney has officially released an album that he recorded during his time in quarantine. "McCartney III" is the former Beatle's 18th solo album. The album was released on Friday and features 11 new songs. Th ...

Sean Lennon hosting 80th birthday celebration for dad and chatting with Paul McCartney

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Sean Lennon is helping celebrate what would have been his father John Lennon's 80th birthday. The younger Lennon will interview his brother Julian Lennon, Paul McCartney and Elton John in a two-part documentary, BBC...