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KT McFarland: Gen. Milley deserves separate probes over China phone calls, Afghanistan

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At a minimum there needs to be two separate investigations into his conduct: The sensational story of the week is that Milley went rogue earlier this year while President Trump was nearing the end of his term. Here’s...

KT McFarland: 20 years after 9/11 it’s like we’ve been gut-punched again. Still, don’t count Americans out

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As I looked out the window, I saw black smoke billowing from one of the Twin Towers. Within a few minutes I saw the second plane hit the other tower.  I knew then this was no random accident of pilots getting off cou...

KT McFarland: Biden’s Afghanistan speech was a chance to speak to a nation in pain. It utterly failed

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No one expected him to be Winston Churchill rallying the British after Dunkirk nor Abraham Lincoln consoling the nation after the slaughter at Gettysburg, nor did anyone expect something like Ronald Reagan’s eulogy a...

KT McFarland: Joe Biden is living in an alternate reality. Afghanistan proves it

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In Biden’s mind nothing is his fault. Our allies all think he’s a strong leader. Our adversaries aren’t causing problems.  Thanks to President Biden’s courageous efforts America is back. None of this chaos will have ...

KT McFarland on Cuba protests: Biden admin must double down on promoting democracy, not ‘shrink away’ from it

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KT McFarland: The only people who like socialism and communism in the world today, they're in the United States Congress and I guess in the Biden administration. Why we would drop what America has stood for for decad...

KT McFarland: Biden’s European grand tour is full of opportunities for US leadership – will he seize them?

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If that is all he does, it’s a lost opportunity. President Trump wasn’t the cause of the rift between the U.S. and many European nations; he was the symptom of a growing drift between how both sides of the Atlantic s...

McFarland skewers media, ‘tech titans’ for dismissing Wuhan lab theory: ‘The Blame America First lobby’

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"Sure, but it doesn't really matter at this point, Lawrence, because the damage has been done, you know, by the mainstream media, social media, the tech titans, the Democrats, by all of those people refusing to allow...

Biden being ‘held hostage’ by far-left, anti-Semitic radicals: KT McFarland

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LIVE UPDATES: ISRAELI WARPLANES RAIN FIRE ON GAZA AS MIDDLE EAST VIOLENCE INTENSIFIES KT MCFARLAND: I think that the left wing of the Democrat Party is holding the White House hostage. The White House is in a positio...