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A high BMI may qualify you for a vaccine, but may not mean you’re unhealthy. Here’s how to check

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With obesity a factor in Covid-19 vaccine eligibility, many Americans are scrambling to find out their body mass index, or BMI. But experts say the meaning behind those numbers -- and how to lower them -- isn't alwa...

Emma Stone is downright mean in new trailer for ‘Cruella

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Emma Stone channels meanness perfectly in the new trailer for Disney's "Cruella." The movie focuses on a young version of the "One Hundred and One Dalmatians" skurk, Cruella de Vil. "In "1970s London, young fashio...

Wat, presies, did Donald Trump mean to say about AOC in the debate?

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Toward the end of Thursday's presidential debate, the conversation turned to the environment -- and the so-called "Green New Deal" proposed by liberals in Congress led by New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Whic...

What Amy Coney Barrett could mean for Obamacare

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When she was a law professor, Judge Amy Coney Barrett tried to puncture arguments favoring Obamacare. Now senators will probe how Barrett, as a Supreme Court justice, would rule on the decade-old health insurance ov...

California failed to pass a major police reform bill. Here’s what experts say that could mean for the rest of the nation

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Verlede week, California State Sen. Steven Bradford said he was confident that "the votes were there" for his proposed bill. SB 731, introduced in July, would have made it possible to strip badges of officers convicte...

Mariah Carey and Tina Fey are here to brighten your day with a ‘Mean Girlsquiz

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In what is guaranteed to be the best thing you'll see all day, Tina Fey is virtually quizzing Mariah Carey on her love of "Mean Girls." The two get into a game of trivia for the latest installment of Billboard's "Qu...