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Johnny Depp’s parentsdivorce papers show he was ‘abandoned’ by ‘mean’ mom as a teen

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In 1981 court papers, which until now had been buried in court archives, between Betty Sue Depp and the actor’s father John Depp — who divorced in 1978 when he was 15 — it is claimed her son was "emancipated and self...

Teaching race doesn’t mean teaching critical race theory, activists say

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In a recent NBC News report, Black students in New Orleans expressed concern that CRT bans may lead to an erasing of America's true history. That didn't sit well with Shawntel Cooper, a Virginia mom with two biracia...

Multiracial population grew in almost every county in the US. It doesn’t mean racism is over

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Bárbara Abadía-Rexach spent months appearing in webinars and radio shows talking to Puerto Ricans about why they should identify as Black or more than one race on the 2020 Sensus. "If you are constantly being descri...

What the For the People Act would mean for veterans with disabilities

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Deployed to Iraq in 2003, US Marine Corps field radio operator Joanna Sweatt took cover in tight-spaced bunkers for hours at a time -- a tour of service laden with the stresses of being in a war zone that led to a b...

Covid ‘pingdemicand Brexit mean food and gas shortages in parts of UK

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Londen (CNN Besigheid)A dramatic surge in Covid-19 cases is forcing hundreds of thousands of workers to stay home in Britain, causing shortages of food and gasoline and heaping stress on supply chains that were alread...

Monsoon belowe broodnodige reën vir die uitgedroogde Weste, maar die vooruitsig vir weerlig kan meer brande beteken

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Die Monsoon-seisoen is in volle gang in die Weste met geen einde nie, hoop op 'n duik in die onophoudelike historiese droogte te bring -- maar met donderstorms kom weerlig en die potensiaal vir nog veldbrande. Na e ...

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith apologizes again for Shohei Ohtani remarks: ‘If I mean to offend you, you’d know it

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Smith apologized to the Asian and Asian American community as well as the Los Angeles Angels star for his words. He said he didn’t intend to offend anyone and if he had intentions to offend someone that his target wo...

Media avoiding coverage, ‘switching wordson what Biden plan will mean for deficit: Ari Fleischer

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"Not only do they not care, but many reporters are telling people don't worry about the deficit,'" Fleischer said on "MediaBuzz" Sondag. "'Don't worry about the debt, it doesn't matter because the interest rates are ...

'N Nuwe brand het sedert Mei elke dag in Utah ontstaan 17. Warm, droë toestande beteken dat meer binnekort kan vonkel

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Tot dusver vanjaar, daar was 326 veldbrande in Utah, 42 waarvan net die laaste week begin het. Sedert Mei 17, ten minste een het elke dag aan die brand gesteek, staatsamptenare gesê. En 90% van die brande was menslik ...

What does ‘woke’ mean?

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Aside from being the past participle of wake, vir dekades, it meant conscious and aware – but the slang word has come to represent an embrace of progressive activism, ook. Merriam-Webster added the word to its di...

Prins Harry, Meghan Markle defended by Oprah Winfrey over criticism: ‘Privacy doesn’t mean silence

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In onlangse weke, Harry, 36, and Markle, 39, have been particularly vocal about their lives as members of the British royal family – a rarity for those close to the monarchy. They made claims of racism and ignoring ps...

What the new CDC mask guidelines mean for your mental health

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Sielkundige John Duffy, skrywer van "Ouerskap van die nuwe tiener in die tyd van angs," praktyke in Chicago. Hy spesialiseer in werk met tieners, ouers, paartjies en gesinne. No more masks? As the US Centers for Disea...

Tucker Carlson: Biden se ekonomie sal geen elektrisiteit of klein ondernemings beteken nie, maar Amazon kan u meer betaal

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Hier is een voorbeeld: die amptelike getalle van die regering se poste verskyn vandag. Werkloosheid is hoër, baie hoër as wat verwag is. Naby aan 14 miljoen Amerikaners sê dat hulle wil werk, maar nie werk kan kry nie. Dis 'n ou storie, b ...

A change in California’s corrections system could mean earlier release or parole hearings for some inmates

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Changes to the California correctional system's Good Conduct Credit (GCC) program took effect Saturday, increasing the rate at which "incarcerated individuals are able to receive credits for good behavior," a spokes...

Op 26 April is dit Hemi-dag, maar wat beteken dit?

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Dit is die nie-amptelike benaming vir April 26, ten minste onder die "Mopar of geen motor nie" skare. Dit verwys na die numeriese weergawe van die datum, 4/26, wat ooreenstem met die verplasing van die 426 kubieke duim H..

A high BMI may qualify you for a vaccine, but may not mean you’re unhealthy. Here’s how to check

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With obesity a factor in Covid-19 vaccine eligibility, many Americans are scrambling to find out their body mass index, or BMI. But experts say the meaning behind those numbers -- and how to lower them -- isn't alwa...

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