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Body spray recall: What the finding of a cancer-causing chemical means for you

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Benzene, a known cancer-causing chemical, was found in over half of 108 batches of antiperspirant and deodorant body sprays from 30 different brands, according to a citizen's petition filed this month with the US Fo...

O’s Means throws MLB’s 3rd no-hitter of season, tops M’s 6-0

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Means (4-0) struck out 12 and walked none. Seattle’s runner was Sam Haggerty after he struck out swinging on a curveball in the dirt on a 1-2 count with one outs in the third inning that bounced away from catcher Ped...

Jagger Eaton reflects on historic Tokyo Olympics bronze: ‘It means everything to me

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The 20-year-old Arizona native picked up a bronze medal in the street event at Ariake Urban Sports Park on Sunday, becoming the first-ever American to do so. He told Fox News in a recent Zoom interview competing in t...

RBG’s death means Republican senators will face the ultimate test of their loyalty to Trump

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The death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Friday -- followed by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's statement that "Trump's nominee will receive a vote on the floor of the United States Senate" ...

Reps. Devin Nunes: Las elecciones de retiro de California "significan algo para el resto del país

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Gowdy abrió su programa discutiendo la desesperación del presidente Biden por desviar la atención de Estados Unidos de la retirada de Afganistán.. sin embargo, Se espera que el secretario de Estado Antony Blinken testifique frente a la Cámara..

Andrea Laurent-Simpson: ‘Dog Momand more – we’re living in multispecies families now. Esto es lo que significa

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"Multispecies families" captures the scientific essence, but the lifestyle and character of this four-legged/two-legged companion coalescence is far-reaching and even comes with a glossary: Dog Mom; Puppy Child; Baby...

The countries making dubious claims over Covid-19and what that means for the world

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Durante el año pasado, countries around the world have shared data on Covid-19 cases and deaths with the World Health Organization (QUIÉN) -- information that is crucial in informing the global fight against the disease. ...

The National Zoo’s baby panda has a name, and it means ‘little miracle

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The Smithsonian National Zoo's newest little miracle finally has a name, and it's as sweet as he is. Meet Xiao Qi Ji, the zoo's roly-poly 3-month-old giant panda cub. His adoring public voted overwhelmingly for the...

Unruly flyers means passengers must be ready to ‘take actionaccording to one former air marshal

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Stephens told host Jesse Watters that even before the recent trend of unruly passengers in the sky, she had begun self-defense training. "I started training before all of this went haywire because there have always ...

Georgia runoff timing means Perdue won’t be in Congress for joint session on Electoral College

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The tight January political calendar means Georgia Republican Sen. David Perdue won't be in office when Congress meets for a joint session on the Electoral College on January 6, regardless of the results of the Sena...

What ‘Blackfishingmeans and why people do it

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First there was blackface. Now there's "Blackfishing." The term has been increasingly in the news to describe behavior by White entertainers who appear to be imitating the appearance of Black people. It's not a comp...

What Congresstotal failure on police reform means for communities

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David A. Love is a faculty member in journalism and media studies at the Rutgers University School of Communication and Information, and a writer based in Philadelphia. Síguelo en Twitter: @DavidALove. The opinion...

Hanson: Demócratas’ quest to grant automatic citizenship to illegals defies what it means to be a civilization

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Hanson told "Tucker Carlson esta noche" that as the nation braces for what could be many millions of illegal immigrants coming across the southern border, Democrats realize they have an opportunity to change the demogra...

The killing of a Black transgender woman means this year is tied as the deadliest on record for transgender Americans, rights group says

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The recent killing of Felycya Harris, a Black transgender woman, marks a tragic milestone: It means 2020 is now tied as the deadliest year for transgender and gender-nonconforming people -- and there are still three...

Tampa Bay slugs 2 HRs, spoils return of OriolesMeans 9-3

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Means (4-3), making his first start since June 5, allowed five runs and seven hits in five innings, striking out two in a 78-pitch outing. "Physically I felt good," Means said. "I was just throwing too many strikes, ...

Brandon Judd: Recompensar a los migrantes de Del Rio por cruzar ilegalmente nuestras fronteras significa que seguirán viniendo

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Pero a menos que esté en el suelo en el puente todos los días para presenciar personalmente el olor, ruido, confusión, dolor y sufrimiento es difícil entender qué tan mala es realmente la situación. Un ingenio periodista experimentado..

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