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Manos de los oficiales de Minneapolis’ desde la muerte de George Floyd, mientras el juez sopesa la medida de la balota para reemplazar a la policía

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Según un informe de investigación de Reuters, Los oficiales de Minneapolis dejaron de realizar paradas de tráfico casi de inmediato, cuando estallaron manifestaciones violentas en toda la ciudad en respuesta al video viral que muestra la forma ...

San Diego County passes measure declaring misinformation a public health crisis despite public opposition

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The party-line vote came after 14 hours of public comment in San Diego County, with hundreds of residents speaking out against the measure. "Misinformation I agree is dangerous, sin embargo, it is hard for me to believe ...

South Korean capital bans fast workout music in gyms as Covid measure

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Gyms in the South Korean capital are about to adopt an unusual Covid prevention strategy: play slower music. The Health Ministry is implementing a number of new measures as the country continues battling a coronavir...

Naya Rivera’s ex, Tahj Mowry, believes no other partner will measure up to her

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The 34-year-old actor and the "Alegría" star were an item in 2000 after meeting on the set of the ‘90s sitcom "Smart Guy," according to Entertainment Tonight. After getting together, they stayed together for four years ...

Karl Rove warns Putin will be ‘taking measureof Biden’s strength in upcoming meeting

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BIDEN'S EUROPE TRIP: PRESIDENT'S SCHEDULE, MEETINGS AND EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW KARL ROVE: What really matters is what is he proposing to say in that meeting? Because it's time to be tough with Putin, and the adm...

Senate passes measure asking Biden to declassify origins of coronavirus

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"The American people deserve to know about the origins of COVID-19," Missouri Republican Sen. Josh Hawley said on the Senate floor before the bill passed. "They deserve to know how this terrible pandemic that has rav...

Líderes de Kansas City proponen retirar fondos de la medida policial en medio de un crimen que se dispara

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Mayor Quinton Lucas, con el apoyo de varios concejales, dijo que introdujo dos ordenanzas que le darán a la ciudad más influencia en cómo el Departamento de Policía de Kansas City gasta su dinero junto con nuevos ...

California police officer killed in shooting, another officer injured: ‘This is a tragedy beyond measure

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Shots were fired around 5:20 pm. as officers served the warrant at an apartment in the city, informes dijeron. One of the officers was killed in the shooting, while the other was transported to an area hospital in stab...

Mississippi Ballot Measure 3: Voters approve magnolia design as new state flag

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Mississippi's new state flag will feature the magnolia flower after the state in a historic move this summer parted with its decades-old banner that included a Confederate battle emblem. Voters on Tuesday approved t...