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Greg Gutfeld: The media is egging on citizens to hunt down other citizens

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Before it had been removed, I listened to this chat between a biologist and a clinician discussing his experience prescribing ivermectin for COVID -- a practice done by other clinicians, given it has little to no sid...

Media ignores Biden’s attack against GOP while abroad after shredding Trump for violating political norm

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Biden blasted Trump's "phony populism" in response to a reporter's question about what Biden has said to allies who may be wary of trusting the U.S. in a post-Trump era. BIDEN SLAMS REPUBLICANS WHILE ON FOREIGN SOIL ...

Trey Gowdy slams the media for abandoning its role as a neutral referee

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Reflecting on a recent NCAA baseball game, Gowdy recalled a feeling of frustration when an umpire made a call he disagreed with, which prompted a surprising reaction from the former congressman. "We expect the stri...

Media fawning over Joe Biden for ‘return to normalcy’ are missing ‘destabilizing effects’: Ben Domenech

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Domenech explained that most media sources have been sucked into their own left-leaning narratives which have led to high praise for the new administration instead of paying attention to the specifics of policy. "Unf...

En Bongino: Mainstream media are ‘useful idiots,’ promote ‘Chinese propaganda

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"Folks, new questions are emerging about the coronavirus and the lab leak theory," Bongino gesê. "They are serious questions that serious people in our media should have been asking, en het nie, because they practice...

Jesse Watters blasts liberal media for pushing lies in 2020 to help Biden win the election

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JESSE WATTERS: Did you ever date somebody for a while, and after you break up, you realize the whole relationship was fake? Everything she told you was bull? All your big moments were meaningless? That's 2020. We got...

George P. Bush reageer op mediakritiek op die prokureur-generaal van Texas: 'Ek is my eie man'

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BOSH: Dit is my naam op die stembrief. Ek is my eie man. Ek sal telefonies wees as ek as prokureur-generaal verkies word en laat in die nag bel as 'n grenspatrolliebeampte of 'n wetstoepassingsbeampte in die lyn val ...

Tucker Carlson: Hoofstroommedia dink Kamala Harris is 'n god, Latyns-Amerika stem nie saam nie

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Nou, as u op die oomblik die wedloop gevolg het, het jy gelag. Kamala Harris was nie 'n toonaangewende kandidaat nie, dan nie, nie ooit nie. Nie sedert die dag wat sy eintlik aangekondig het nie. Op papier, sy het na 'n ernstige konsep gelyk ...

Amerikaanse sokkerster is op sosiale media aan rassemisbruik onderwerp

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McKenzie, wie is swart, het Maandag sy gedagtes na Instagram oor die misbruik geneem. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . "Die hoeveelheid rassemishandeling en persoonlike aanvalle op myself en familie deur 'ondersteuners' en ...

Tom Cotton on dismissal of lab leak theory: Media, Hollywood ‘deeply in the pocketof Communist China

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Cotton was among the voices widely decried in the press last year for suggesting the Chinese government claim of a natural origin for the coronavirus didn't hold up to scrutiny, noting the Wuhan Institute of Virology...

Kamala Harris’ Opmerkings in Guatemala sou daartoe gelei het dat media haar 'n 'rassis' genoem het’ 6 maande gelede, Gutfeld sê

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Harris beweer sy en president Biden wil onwettige immigrasie ontmoedig en dit "jy sal teruggedraai word" as u 'n immigrant is wat na die VSA reis. suidelike grens. "Kamala se leuse moet wees 'sy is nie VP nie, sh ...

In interview panned as ‘bootlicking,’ CNN’s Stelter asks Jen Psaki to tell him what the media ‘gets wrong

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"The White House press secretary faces some unique challenges," Stelter said when introducing his guest, a former CNN contributor. "Busy summer ahead -- infrastruktuur, election reform. What does the press get wrong ...

Tammy Bruce rips media for downplaying crime surge in major cities: ‘This isn’t an accident

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Major cities such as New York City, Portland, Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Seattle have all experienced upticks in homicides and shootings from this time last year, statistieke toon. Highlighting New York City ...

Dan Abrams tells ‘WattersWorldcrime is ‘underreportedby mainstream media

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"The media ought to be covering more crime waves in certain cities," he told host Jesse Watters. "Nou, some people will tell you, ‘Ag, there’s no crime wave,’" gaan hy voort. "It’s actually, jy weet, you have to loo...

Judge Jeanine: Fauci put ‘America lastby using media ‘deception tourto cover up COVID origin

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JUDGE JEANINE PIRRO: The big lie started almost as soon as the virus hit. It was a virus that simply jumped from animal to human. We now know Dr. Anthony Fauci, the alleged prince of all things COVID, knew of the whi...

Hannity ontplof Fauci: Meer geïnteresseerd in gewildheid onder medievriende as om wetenskap te volg

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HANNITEIT: Die verhaal van die week, die misleiding van dokter Fauci. In plaas daarvan om die wetenskap te volg, in plaas daarvan om na kundiges te luister, e-pos onthul nou dat doktor Fauci meer daarin belangstel om gewild te wees onder sy biblioteek..

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