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Iranian conservative cleric dies, según los medios estatales

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Iranian conservative cleric Ayatollah Mohammad-Taqi Mesbah Yazdi died in Tehran on Friday, according to Iran's state-run Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA). The Imam Khomeini Educational and Research Institute, ...

Concha on Kamala Harris‘media blackout’ en crisis fronteriza: Biden admin ‘acting more like Pyongyang

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DEVINE: KAMALA HARRIS NEEDS TO SEE FIRSTHAND THAT 'OPEN BORDER' POLICIES DON'T WORK JOE CONCHA: "Bien, I see that Kamala Harris, in the last eight months, recuerda, it was eight months ago she was chosen as Joe Biden...

Three times as many people think Biden gets easier time from media than harder: MRC poll

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The survey found 45.3 percent said the media had been "easier on Joe Biden," compared to just 13.8 percent who said the media had been "harder on Joe Biden." The poll was conducted by McLaughlin & Associates for ...

Colin Kaepernick’s name buzzes on social media as Jaguars are reportedly set to sign Tim Tebow as tight end

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Tebow has not played in a regular-season NFL game since the 2012 season with the New York Jets and was initially reluctant to switch positions, deciding on a career in broadcasting and professional baseball before ap...

Hill gridlock reigns supreme, despite Biden and the media touting bipartisanship

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I would expand that to say it’s never a good bet to bet that Congress will get anything done…on any issue. If the president was wagering that he could beat the odds, he’s going to lose all his chips. Reporters love ...

Tammy Bruce rips media for downplaying crime surge in major cities: ‘This isn’t an accident

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Major cities such as New York City, Portland, Chicago, Atlanta, Filadelfia, and Seattle have all experienced upticks in homicides and shootings from this time last year, Mostrar estadísticas. Highlighting New York City ...

Meghan McCain blasts media as she announces exit from ‘The View’: ‘We are covered with deep misogyny

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McCain announced Thursday she would be leaving the ABC gabfest after four years on the program, where as the lone conservative voice she often clashed with its liberal majority and angered left-leaning viewers. She w...

Greg Gutfeld: The crime problem the media pretends doesn’t exist actually found them at a baseball game

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Wolff: I think you yourself, um, while you are a nice guy, you are full of sanctimony. You have become one of the parts of the problem of the media. You know you come on here and you have a monopoly on truth. You kno...

"Media Buzz’ on Cuomo, COVID vaccine

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(DESCANSO MERCIAL)HOWARD KURTZ, ANFITRIÓN DE NOTICIAS DE FOX (en camara): Por supuesto, it's easy now. It's easy for the media to denounce Andrew Cuomo, to decry the sexual harassment findings, to insist like "Los New York Times" y "The Was...

Nicki Minaj gains support on social media amid conflict with Biden officials over White House visit

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Minaj made headlines for calling out White House officials after the administration put out a statement clarifying it had offered her a phone call to discuss her coronavirus vaccine hesitancy, not an in-person visit....

Nikki Haley hits back at CNN anchor: Liberal media ‘can’t stand it’ when Black, brown people praise America

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CNN'S BRIANNA KEILAR LECTURES NIKKI HALEY ON RACISM IN AMERICA AFTER FORMER GOVERNOR SAID US ISN'T RACIST NIKKI HALEY: Bien, it sounds like I hit a nerve. en segundo lugar, it's amazing to me how the liberal media can't stan...

Dan Gainor: Los medios liberales trabajan horas extras para ayudar a McAuliffe en la carrera por la gobernación de Virginia

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Exgobernador demócrata de Virginia. Terry McAuliffe ha cometido errores más desastrosos que un presser de Joe Biden, aunque los medios de comunicación rara vez se aferran a ellos. JASON CHAFFETZ: LA CARRERA GUBERNATORIAL DE VIRGINIA TIENE UN BELTWA SORDO..

New York Times llama la atención sobre la "discreta estrategia de medios de Biden",’ alimentando la "preocupación’ entre aliados

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"Como presidente, Donald J. Trump era un maximalista de los medios cuyo estilo inevitable para los comentarios ayudó a generar una cobertura de noticias saturada., para bien o para mal. El presidente Biden ha adoptado un enfoque más tacaño en sus tratos con ....

CPAC cancela orador por comentarios antisemitas en redes sociales

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La próxima Conferencia de Acción Política Conservadora anual -- donde el expresidente Donald Trump pronunciará su primer discurso desde que salió de la Casa Blanca el domingo -- arrancó a un artista de hip-hop y social de derecha..

Consejo editorial del NY Post: Social media again silences The Post for reporting the news

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El jueves, Facebook decided its users should not be able to share a New York Post article about the property buying habits of one of the founders of Black Lives Matter. This is the third time we’ve tangled with soc...

Joe Concha: Los medios se vuelven apocalípticos con la respuesta de Tim Scott al discurso de Biden

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¿Viste el primer discurso del presidente Biden en una sesión conjunta del Congreso anoche?? Las reacciones estaban por todos lados, como Nicolle Wallace en MSNBC hablando de cómo era esto en un universo diferente. No, No...

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