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Medieval bones tell a stark tale of hard work and physical trauma

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London Social inequality was "recorded on the bones" of the medieval residents of Cambridge, Engeland, a new study of hundreds of sets of human remains in the city has revealed. Researchers studied the remains of more...

Plague wasn’t the only disease that afflicted medieval Britons. Cancer did, ook

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The earliest description of cancer is from an ancient Egyptian papyrus, and going back further, even dinosaurs suffered a form of the disease. But cancer long has been thought to have become a common disease only in...

Middeleeuse Europeërs het grafte gereeld heropen - en nie om dit te beroof nie

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Vroeë Middeleeuse grafte in Europa is heropen as deel van die wydverspreide begrafnis tradisies -- nie net deur grafrowers nie, soos kenners voorheen gedink het. Honderde grafte dateer uit die vyfde eeu tot die sewende eeu..

The inhabitant of a medieval grave in Finland may have been nonbinary, vind 'n nuwe studie

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In 1968, excavators uncovered a nearly 1,000-year-old grave in Finland thought to be occupied by a warrior woman, given the presence of both jewelry and a pristine sword in the grave. A new analysis of the grave's c...