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Prince Charles meets genocide survivors in Rwanda

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Kigali, Rwanda The altar of Nyamata Church is draped with a bloodstained cloth. Its pews are gone; in their place stand rows and rows of clothing and personal effects which belonged to the people massacred here 28 tu ...

Thompson’s claim that Jan. 6 committee won’t criminally refer Trump or others to DOJ meets resistance from committee

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The chairman of the House select committee investigating the January 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol told reporters Monday that the panel will not make any criminal referral of former President Donald Trump or any...

Il consigliere per la sicurezza nazionale degli Stati Uniti incontra il massimo diplomatico cinese, aprendo la strada a un potenziale incontro Biden-Xi

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Il consigliere per la sicurezza nazionale statunitense Jake Sullivan ha incontrato lunedì in Lussemburgo il massimo diplomatico cinese per a "Candido, sostanziale, e discussione produttiva" in un momento di tensione tra i loro due paesi, secondo...

Pelosi brings Democratic delegation to Kyiv, meets with Zelenskyy during surprise visit

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Zelenskyy welcomed the delegation, shaking the lawmakers' hands on a street in the capital city ahead of their meeting, according to a video tweeted by the Ukrainian president Sunday morning. "You all are welcome," ...

Kimberly Guilfoyle meets with January 6 Comitato

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Kimberly Guilfoyle, the fiancée of Donald Trump Jr. and a former member of the Trump presidential campaign, is meeting Monday with the House select committee investigating the Capitol Hill insurrection. Guilfoyle ar...

Jill Biden incontra i malati di cancro ucraini ora in cura negli Stati Uniti

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Jill Biden incontra i malati di cancro ucraini ora in cura negli Stati Uniti. Jill Biden incontra i malati di cancro ucraini ora in cura negli Stati Uniti, Tennessee, Jill Biden incontra i malati di cancro ucraini ora in cura negli Stati Uniti, Jill Biden incontra i malati di cancro ucraini ora in cura negli Stati Uniti.

How to avoid ‘Tinder Swindlers’: "Il ragazzo incontra il mondo"’ star-turned-adult actress Maitland Ward on ‘red flags

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The mind-bending story from director Felicity Morris, who also produced the Emmy-winning series, "Don't F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer," chronicles the depths a Tinder user by the name of Shimon Hayut, no...

Breonna Taylor’s mother meets with DOJ, demands federal charges against officers in her death

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La madre di Breonna Taylor, Tamika Palmer, met with officials from the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division on Monday to ask them to investigate the fatal shooting of her daughter during a botched police raid in ...

New York man bicycling to all 50 states meets long-lost half-sister in Louisiana: ‘Can’t make this stuff up

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He also took a slight detour from his capital-to-capital route to visit New Orleans for Mardi Gras and meet his half-sister for the first time. Lo stato del Michigan sopravvive, 52, has been sharing his experiences and insights with Fox ...

Venezuelan vice president meets ‘good friendLavrov of Russia

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Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has expressed support for Russian President Vladimir Putin since Moscow launched an invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24. Primero Justicia holds a placard showing the face of ...

Former Vice President Pence visits Ukraine-Poland border and meets with Ukrainian refugees

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Former Vice President Mike Pence visited the Ukraine-Poland border on Thursday, meeting with refugees from Ukraine escaping the Russian invasion of their country. Pence was joined by his wife, Karen Pence, in a trip...

Kamala Harris meets with Ukraine’s Zelenskyy, pledges unified action if Russia invades: ‘A decisive moment

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"Come sai, this is a decisive moment in our world's history and this is an important meeting for that and many other reasons," Harris said in a bilateral meeting with the Ukrainian leader. Perché la Guerra Fredda è finita: KAMALA H...

Super Bowl 2022: [object Window]

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Russia pours cold water on Ukraine crisis de-escalation, as Macron meets with Zelensky

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As French President Emmanuel Macron visited his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv for diplomatic talks on the country's crisis with Russia, Moscow indicated there were "points of convergence" laid out...

Macron meets with Putin, leading Europe’s diplomatic efforts to diffuse Ukraine crisis

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Moscow In the tense standoff between Russia and Ukraine, French President Emmanuel Macron has emerged as a central figure in Europe's diplomatic efforts to diffuse potential conflict. As the United States moves force...

Germany’s Scholz meets Biden as the new chancellor’s resolve on Ukraine is tested

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As the standoff between Russia and the West enters a potentially decisive phase, President Joe Biden meets Monday at the White House with Germany's new chancellor, whose willingness to confront Moscow alongside the ...