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Biden expected to introduce key members of economic team Tuesday

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Washington President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on Tuesday afternoon are expected to introduce key members of their economic team at an event in Wilmington, Delaware. Biden and Harris on ...

FBI vetting National Guard members involved in securing US Capitol

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Washington The head of the DC National Guard said Monday that the FBI is vetting troops involved in securing the US Capitol around President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration to prevent any insider threats. The enhanced...

Minnesota Covid-19 survey halted after team members report racial slurs, state officials say

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A door-to-door Covid-19 survey in Minnesota has been halted after team members reported receiving racial and ethnic slurs in the city of Eitzen, according to state health officials, but the city denies the claims. "...

Cuomo pressed on decision to hold public events without media members amid ongoing controversies

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Recent public events have been branded with the note that they are closed to the press "due to COVID restrictions." The events, sometimes held at vaccine centers, have occurred a handful of times in recent days. Duri...

VSA stel beperkings op reisvisums vir lede van die Chinese Kommunistiese Party

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Die staatsdepartement stel nuwe beperkings op reisvisums na die Verenigde State op vir lede van die Chinese Kommunistiese Party, het 'n woordvoerder van die staatsdepartement Donderdag bevestig. Onder die nuwe reëls, die reis ...

Indianapolis teen charged with six counts of murder for allegedly shooting pregnant woman and his family members

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An Indianapolis teenager was charged Thursday with six counts of murder for allegedly shooting family members and a pregnant woman on Sunday, volgens hofstukke. Raymond Childs III, 17, was also charged wi...

A Pennsylvania mom and her daughter pleaded guilty to killing five family members

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A Pennsylvania woman and her daughter are expected to spend the rest of their lives in prison after pleading guilty Monday to killing five of their relatives last year, according to the Buck's County District Attorn...

Ten more members of Congress join NAACP lawsuit against Trump and Giuliani for conspiring to incite US Capitol riot

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Ten members of Congress who were in the House gallery as rioters breached the Capitol on January 6 are adding their names to the lawsuit first filed in February against former President Donald Trump and his former p...

Die NBA-ster Karl-Anthony Towns sê hy het verloor 7 familielede na Covid-19

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Die Minnesota Timberwolves-ster Karl-Anthony Towns betree sy sesde NBA-seisoen met 'n swaar hart. "Ek het al baie deurgemaak, natuurlik begin met my ma," Towns het Vrydag tydens 'n video-oproep met verslaggewers gesê ....

Verdedigingsminister ontslaan honderde lede van die adviesrade van Pentagon, insluitend laat Trump-keuses

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Verdediging Sekretaris Lloyd Austin het honderde lede van 42 Adviesrade van Pentagon, insluitende omstrede laat aanstellings deur die Trump-administrasie, toe die Pentagon 'n hersiening van die direksie aankondig..

Here are the Cabinet members and others around Trump who have been tested

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President Donald Trump's positive coronavirus diagnosis has raised questions about the health of those around him, including members of his cabinet and his Vice President. Here is the testing status of family membe...

South Carolina shooting leaves doctor, family members dead; suspect nabbed

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A sixth person was hospitalized with "serious gunshot wounds," York County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Trent Faris said. The suspect believed to be responsible for the shooting in Rock Hill, oor 25 miles southwest o...

Biden sal na verwagting Dinsdag belangrike gesondheidspanlede bekendstel

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Die verkiesende president van Washington, Joe Biden, en die verkiesende vise-president Kamala Harris, sal na verwagting Dinsdagmiddag sleutellede van hul gesondheidspan voorstel tydens 'n geleentheid in Wilmington., Delaware. Die span sal sy ....

Vier familielede, drie kinders ingesluit, dood in brand in Georgië

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Vier familielede, drie kinders ingesluit, is dood in 'n vroeë Saterdagoggend brandende motorhuis in Snellville, Georgië, volgens die brand- en nooddienste van Gwinnett County. Die polisie was in die omgewing vir ...

Members of Orthodox Jewish community protest in Brooklyn after new Covid-19 restrictions

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Members of the Orthodox Jewish community protested and set items on fire in Borough Park, Brooklyn, in New York City late Tuesday, hours after the state announced strict new coronavirus-related restrictions. The are...

Rachel Campos-Duffy: Dwelms, cartel members and gangs coming across the border

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RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY: Rightfully, there’s been a lot of attention on the children that have come across the border because it’s such a catastrophic humanitarian thing to witness, but…the other part of the story is who...

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