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CDC director blames ‘fast-moving science’ after being confronted with memes attacking agency’s credibility

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The CDC has been lampooned by everyone from liberal pundits and late-night comics to average Americans on social media over guidance around the spread of the omicron variant. Vroeër hierdie week, the CDC declined to ad...

Cue die memes — Die tropiese storm Elsa sal waarskynlik hierdie week ontwikkel

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Die 2021 Die orkaanseisoen in die Atlantiese Oseaan word vroeg warm as die Nasionale Orkaansentrum (NHC) monitor twee verskillende areas van potensiële ontwikkeling, en dit is nog steeds Junie. Volgende: Tropiese storm Elsa. Sosiaal met ...

Drake’s ‘Certified Lover Boyalbum cover is inspiring some ridiculous memes

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Drake's "Gesertifiseerde Lover Boy" has been streamed millions and millions of times since it was released on Friday, and the rapper's new album is also inspiring an almost as impressive number of memes poking fun at its ...

Kim Kardashian West saw your Met Gala memes of her

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Just because she couldn't see super well out of that faceless mask doesn't mean Kim Kardashian West didn't notice people having some fun with her Met Gala look this year. The entrepreneur/reality star shared some o...