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GOP senators grill assistant AG Kristen Clarke over DOJ school board memo

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Clarke, who was appearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee to discuss voting rights, was first asked by Blackburn to affirm the DOJ's commitment to the First Amendment. "Does it raise civil rights concerns when ...

NBA to allow teams with Covid-19 issues to sign replacement players, memo says

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The National Basketball Association (NBA) will allow teams dealing with Covid-19 issues to add replacement players due to the rising number of cases, according to a memo dated Sunday and obtained by CNN on Monday. ...

Andy McCarthy: DOJ has ‘no jurisdictionover school board meetings, AG memo is ‘dangerous nonsense

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Garland issued a memo to DOJ employees earlier this week discussing efforts to combat violence, threats and "efforts to intimidate individuals based on their views" related to state and local school boards and offici...

Eric AdamsNYPD commissioner blasts Manhattan DA’s soft-on-crime approach in memo

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"As you all have likely heard by now, hierdie week, the Manhattan District Attorney made public new policies about what charges the office would decline to prosecute and or downgrade," Sewell, appointed by New York City...

AOC, Omar versterk die druk op Biden om 'n memorandum oor studielenings vry te stel, skuld kanselleer

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Omar het die brief aan beide Biden en die minister van onderwys, Miguel Cardona, gelei en 'n beroep op die administrasie gedoen om die memorandum vry te stel wat Cardona die president gestuur het oor die kansellasie van studenteskuld teen Oktober. 22. "P ...

RNC calls out Senate Democrats on filibuster hypocrisy in new memo

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The RNC took aim at dozens of Democrat senators, insluitend president Biden, who was previously in the Senate prior to being vice president during the Obama administration. MANCHIN AND SINEMA COULD SCUTTLE ANOTHER MAJ...

Memo sê federale werknemers kan gestraf word vir verbode diversiteitsopleidings

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President Donald Trump se begrotingsdirekteur het Maandag bykomende leiding aan federale agentskappe gestuur oor opleidingsprogramme vir werknemers wat die Withuis as anti-Amerikaanse propaganda beskou. In die nuwe memo, Russell Vought het die federale regering gewaarsku....

Mark Levin: AG Garland signed ‘one of the most egregious violations of your libertywith school board memo

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Levin's scathing monologue follows days of outrage over the attorney general's memo, which came shortly after a letter from the National School Boards Association (NSBA) to President Biden that said some rhetorical c...

The White House just put out a baffling polling memo

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The White House wants to get something straight: President Joe Biden is unpopular. But he's not that unpopular. Ja, regtig. Witness a polling memo released Thursday night by deputy White House chief of staff Jen O...

Memo from top Biden adviser outlines White House messaging blitz on Covid-19 relief plan

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The White House plans to deploy its messaging blitz to tout the newly passed $ 1.9 trillion Covid relief plan to "every corner" of the country in the weeks ahead, zeroing in on key components each day as it seeks t...

Florida mom Quisha King worries ‘vagueDOJ memo would quell free speech

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"Intimidating school board members is where they draw the line, but … that's very vague," she told Fox News in an interview Friday. "Who deems what's intimidating? That can be used in many different types of ways." C ...

Biden signs memo to boost spy agenciescyber defenses

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President Joe Biden on Wednesday signed a national security memorandum to bolster cybersecurity for sensitive computer systems used by the Pentagon and US spy agencies amid an array of hacking threats from foreign g...

NFLPA sends memo to players to skip voluntary offseason programs

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There’s a good chance other teams will likely follow as well. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Op Dinsdag, NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith and president JC Tretter sent a memo to all players saying t...

Lede van die Amerikaanse Kommissie vir Burgerregte ontplof AG Garland vir memo oor ouers wat skoolrade betoog

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"Ons skryf om ons kommer uit te spreek oor 'n onlangse memorandum wat deur u kantoor uitgereik is," het die vier lede in die brief geskryf, bevraagteken Garland se motief vir die uitreiking van die memo wat die FBI opdrag gegee het om die kontrak te neem..

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg tries to clarify controversial policy memo, says it gave ‘wrong impression

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Bragg, who took on the elected role at the beginning of the year, was speaking at the New York University’s School of Law Thursday afternoon when he said he took "full accountability" for the confusion the January 3 ...

DOJ ordered to turn over Trump obstruction of justice memo

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The memo concluded that the evidence assembled by special counsel Robert Mueller’s team investigating evidence of Russian meddling in the 2016 election would not support an obstruction prosecution of Trump. "It's tim...

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