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Tommy Fleetwood hits memorable hole-in-one at Masters

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He was having a poor opening round of the Masters, but in one fell swoop, that all changed for Tommy Fleetwood. In the most famous setting, the Englishman made a dramatic hole-in-one at the par-three 16th on Thursd...

Smokey Robinson made a one mother’s Hanukkah very memorable

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Smokey Robinson took a do-over at pronouncing Hanukkah for a fan on Cameo, the celebrity greeting service. The Motown legend accidentally mispronounced the Jewish holiday when he read the Hebrew spelling Chanukah (C ...

The most memorable moments from Chiefs vs. Texans on opening night

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It's been over seven months since Super Bowl LIV, and the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs picked up right where they left off with a 34-20 win over the Houston Texans. Egter, this was far from a typical star...