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California authorities received warnings of mother’s mental state in months before 3 kids killed: verslag doen

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Liliana Carrillo, 30, was "extremely paranoid" and had "lost touch with reality," her ex-boyfriend and the kids’ father, Erik Denton, said in court papers, the Los Angeles Times reported Monday. He said that Carrillo...

Colorado bill would give children free mental health services during the pandemic

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The Colorado state legislature is working to give children free access to mental health care to help them cope with the mental ramifications of the Covid-19 pandemic. HB21-1258, introduced in the House on April 6, ...

As America’s youth faces mental health ‘crisis,’ Biden admin sets focus on pandemic’s impact on children

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The first volume of the handbook, released in February, issued guidance on how to safely reopen U.S. public schools during the pandemic while the second volume makes clear that months of school closures may have nega...

Ask a Black Therapist: 5 tips to support Black mental health during the Derek Chauvin trial

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"There is a difference being informed and getting retraumatized." That's what clinical therapist Paul Bashea Williams tells himself and his clients as they struggle with the distressing images now resurfacing durin...

Virtual school can be damaging to children’s mental health, CDC study says

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Virtual instruction may pose more risks to the mental health and wellness of children and parents than in-person learning, according to a study published Thursday by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention...

Nearly half of parents said teens face new or worsening mental health issues during pandemic, peiling sê

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Nearly half of parents reported their teenagers faced new or worsening mental health conditions since the pandemic began, a new poll has found. A survey of 977 parents with children ages 13 aan 18 analyzed teen ment...

A year into the pandemic, it’s time to take stock of our mental health

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Psychologist John Duffy, skrywer van "Parenting the New Teen in the Age of Anxiety," practices in Chicago. He specializes in work with teens, ouers, couples and families. I spent the week of March 9, 2020, in the of...

People with multiple mental disorders may age several years faster, studie bevind

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People with mental disorders have been found to be at higher risk of developing age-related diseases, but not necessarily at greater risk of aging faster — until now. Experiencing mental disorders early in life may...

Keep paying attention to your kidsmental health in this pandemic

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Lisa Selin Davis is the author of "Tomboy: The Surprising History and Future of Girls Who Dare to Be Different." She has written for The New York Times, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian and many other publi...

Chinese submarine sailors report significant mental health problems in rare study

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Hong Kong More than 1 in 5 sailors on Chinese submarines operating in the South China Sea reported mental health problems, according to a new study that provides a rare insight into the inner workings of one of the C...

Body cam video shows police officer’s fatal shooting of an unarmed man during a mental health check

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The chief of police in Killeen, Texas, is defending an officer who shot and killed a Black man during a mental health check earlier this month. Officer Reynaldo Contreras arrived at the home of Patrick Warren on J...

How Black barbers have become mental health advocates for African American men

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Ray Connor traces his ambition to be a barber back to when he was a kid in Detroit. Growing up, he was abused. He watched his mother battle drug and alcohol addictions. He often went to bed hungry. When he needed to...

Geestesgesondheid is een van die grootste pandemiese probleme waarmee ons te make het 2021

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Met vordering met die inspanning van Covid-19-entstowwe en voorspellings vir wanneer die bevolking dit sal ontvang, daar is blykbaar 'n lig aan die einde van die lang tyd, ontstellende pandemiese tonnel. Aangesien die fisieke risiko's beter is ...

Man wat geestelike probleme ondervind sterf in aanhouding na, Die polisie in Houston sê, hy het 'gestruikel en geval’

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'N Man "met 'n geestelike episode" is vroeg Sondag in Houston se polisiebewaring dood, sê owerhede, hy het op sy eie in dreinering geval. By 12:06 am. (1:06 am. EN), beamptes het gereageer op 'n kriminele oproep ...

Swart kerke roep voordele vir geestesgesondheid in om die gemeenskap te ondersteun

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(Kaiser Gesondheidsnuus)Wilma Mayfield used to visit a senior center in Durham, Noord-Carolina, four days a week and attend Lincoln Memorial Baptist Church on Sundays, a ritual she has maintained for nearly half a centu...

Die stad New York sal geestesgesondheidspanne in plaas van die polisie stuur om op sommige te reageer 911 oproepe

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New York City skep nuwe spanne om te reageer op noodoproepe vir geestesgesondheid in plaas van die polisie, as deel van 'n loodsprogram wat volgende jaar begin. Die spanne sal bestaan ​​uit EMS-gesondheidswerkers en geestelike genesing..

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