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Gingrich blaas Biden se 'haatlike' uit’ Philadelphia-toespraak: 'Die land is 'n gemors’ voor die middeltermyn

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WAPO-REDAKSIE SÊ BIDEN SE 'MAGA'-SPRAAK 'HET KORTGEKOM': 'NEERDEREND' TOT 'BESWAARWATIES VAN WELWILLIGHEID' NEWT GINGRICH: Die punt van veldtogte is om feite tuis te bring. Dit is 'n feit dat president Biden na Philade gegaan het..

Wet op die vermindering van inflasie 'n gemors’ nadat miljardêr belastingverhoging verwyder is, AOC se bestanddele klink af

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"Die miljardêrs is die mense met die mag om werklik te verander wat dit ook al is wat ons probeer verander," een man, Daniël, aan Fox News gesê. "Ons moet nie daarvoor stem as dit iets is wat nie aangespreek word nie."...

Wit Huis verminder besluit om grensmuurgapings in te vul, beweer Biden admin 'skoonmaak’ Trump se 'gemors’

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Die perssekretaris van die Withuis, Karine Jean-Pierre, is tydens die daaglikse persinligtingsessie deur Fox News Channel se Peter Doocy gevra oor die stap. Jean-Pierre het beweer dat president Biden was "nie die muur klaarmaak nie," maar r...

US ‘stumbled into a messwith Pelosi’s potential Taiwan trip: Hume

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Pelosi has not confirmed any trip, though speculation has led even some Democrats to question whether it is a good idea – while some Republicans are conversely on-board with the plan. Hume said the Chinese government...

MSNBC, CNN, NY Times spotlight Biden’s cratering approval, calls for new 2024 kandidaat: ‘Political mess’

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Much of the discussion was sparked by a Monday New York Times poll that showed a stunning 64% of Democrats would prefer a different candidate to run for office in 2024. Times reporter Shane Goldmacher called the nati...

‘Gutfeld!’ on Biden’s ‘mess,’ NPR’s mask policy

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GREG GUTFELD, FOX NUUS KANAALHUIS: O, look at that studio. We're number one. Weereens, weer. O, happy Friday, almal. It's almost the weekend. I could tell because Kat's liver hung up its Do Not Disturb sign. I s...

DNC Chair rips ‘hot mess’ GOP as the party of ‘fear,’ ‘fraud,’ ‘fascism’ on MSNBC

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His latest comments came in response to Cross showing several clips from a variety of Republican campaign ads, which she said was "just a sample of the Republican craziness on the ballot in the upcoming Midterm elect...

School Reopening Mess Drives Frustrated Parents Toward GOP

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After a monthslong political identity crisis, Me. Loughran decided her opposition to her party’s mask mandates, economic restrictions and school-closure policies outweighed her support for positions on climate change...

Midterm mess: States grapple with poll worker and paper shortages

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A version of this story appeared in the CITIZEN BY CNN newsletter. Om dit in u inkassie te kry, teken gratis hier in. For the first time in its history, Alaska will conduct a statewide election primarily by mail becaus...

Rep. Gallagher on ‘America’s Newsroom’: Biden’s fear of provoking Putin got us into a ‘mess’ in die Oekraïne

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UKRAINE REFUSES TO SURRENDER AMID NEW RUSSIA THREAT; BIDEN WILL TRAVEL TO POLAND: LIVE UPDATES MIKE GALLAGHER: Our job is to help Zelenskyy, who is doing a phenomenal job rallying support for Ukraine, by continuing t...

Hannity: Despite what he says, Joe Biden’s ‘pathetic, feckless, swakheid’ got us into this mess

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Hannity began his show Monday reacting to the mounting crisis in Ukraine, calling the West's response a symptom of Biden's "pateties, feckless, weakness." GEBOD: SAYS HE 'CAN’T DO MUCH RIGHT NOW' TO LOWER SOARING GAS...

CNN Saga: Cuomo-Gollust-Zucker scandal causing ‘legal mess’ that Discovery would be wise to avoid, sê kenners

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Chris Cuomo was fired last year by then-network president Jeff Zucker after he was caught helping his big brother, ex-New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, fend off sexual misconduct allegations without ever telling his audien...

Australia was a model in how to handle Covid. Now it’s a mess

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Brisbane, Australia Summer in Australia is traditionally a time of beaches and barbecues, but this year it's become a hot mess of rising Covid cases and a national shortage of rapid antigen tests. Verlede week, worker a...

Obama-era Health and Human Services secretary scolds Biden over COVID response: ‘We have a testing mess

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"Biden was elected president, grootliks, based on a message of ‘I’m competent, I’m capable, I will tell you the truth and I will get a handle on COVID in a way my predecessor could not and refused to do,’ and tha...

GOP’s Glenn Youngkin, not yet in office, unfairly blamed for Virginia interstate mess

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Hundreds of travelers – including U.S. Sy. Tim Kaine, D-Va. -- were stranded in their vehicles overnight in frigid conditions along the northern third of the highway in Virginia. Video However, one of the stranded ...

Doctor Strange is in 'n groot gemors in teaser-sleepprent vir opvolgfliek

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As jy een van die tientalle mense is wat nog moet sien "Spinnekop man: Geen pad huis toe nie," hier is iets wat vir jou nuut is: die teaser sleepwa vir "Dokter Strange in die veelsydige van waansin." Die sleepwa, aan mense gewys...

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