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Peggy Grande: Democrats own Afghanistan mess with Biden. They can’t deny that they are accomplices

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But don’t be fooled – this is NOT Joe Biden’s fault. No, the catastrophic collapse of the past seven months is bigger than him. The blame does not lie with President Biden – it belongs with the Democrats. All of them...

Joe Concha: Tragic Kabul massacre a consequence of Biden’s Afghanistan mess

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En afganistán, here’s where things really go downhill, and the carnage unfortunately won’t end anytime soon. We could see this coming: Explosions at Kabul International Airport on Thursday, and reports of at least 1...

Twitter is a mess in India. Here’s how it got there

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Nueva Delhi (CNN Business)Twitter is going through an extraordinarily tough year in India. But the company's response to the turmoil has left even some people who would like to be on its side baffled. Silicon Valley's...

Clay Travis: When woke collides with woke, you get the ESPN mess

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"I guarantee Jimmy Pitaro is on the phone at ESPN right now. He’s underneath his desk. He’s got his helmet on. There are woke Woj bombs landing everywhere. The whole place is in a uproar," OutKick founder Clay Travis...

RNC Chairwoman McDaniel: Biden’s border crisishere’s how GOP governors are stepping up to fix the mess

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As a humanitarian disaster rages at our southern border, they refuse to travel to the scene, even though their open borders agenda is the root cause of the historic surge we see today. Border state Republican govern...

"Creo que es encantadora y no me molestaría con ella": La procuradora general de Nueva York, Letitia James, se hace cargo de la investigación de Andrew Cuomo

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La procuradora general de Nueva York, Letitia James, tenía solo unos meses en su segundo mandato como defensora pública de la ciudad de Nueva York cuando, durante unas horas durante una cena con amigos, un sorprendente giro del destino la puso en un ...