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Dr Makary: CDC guidance on Chickenpox vaccine exposes agency’s contradictory COVID messaging

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Makary, a professor of surgery and health policy at the Johns Hopkins University and Fox News medical contributor, aangesluit by die "Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show" to discuss the clinical impact of natural immunity as i...

Nicki Minaj and the limits of celebrity influence over Covid-19 messaging

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Washington Those Nicki Minaj tweets? Let's talk about them. Maandag, Minaj said that her cousin in Trinidad, where the superstar is from, "won't get the vaccine cuz his friend got it & became impotent. His test...

DHS, FBI expect foreign terrorist messaging to exploit 9/11 anniversary and Afghanistan withdrawal, intel bulletin says

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US intelligence officials are anticipating foreign terrorist organizations will seek to exploit the 20th anniversary of 9/11 en "probably the US withdrawal from Afghanistan" in their messaging, according to a FBI, ...

Biden’s White House more concerned with ‘messagingthan rescuing Americans in Afghanistan: Watters

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Watters comments came after White House press secretary Jen Psaki insisted during a press briefing that Americans "are not" stranded in Kabul and that the White House is "committed to bringing Americans who want to c...

Jesse Watters slams Biden for mixed messaging on COVID: ‘The president’s confused

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JESSE WATTERS: The country's confused about COVID because the president's confused. He doesn't understand the science, and he doesn't know what to do. People are uncertain about the Delta variant, why it's different,...

Democrats are losing the messaging war, according to Democrats

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These two paragraphs from Politico are eye-opening: "During a closed-door lunch last week with some of his most vulnerable incumbents, House Democrats' campaign chief delivered a blunt warning: If the midterms were ...

‘Judge Jeanineon Biden’s COVID messaging, defund the police movement

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JEANINE PIRRO, FOX NUUSGASheer: Hello and welcome to JUSTICE. I'm Judge Jeanine Pirro. Thanks so much for being with us tonight.Let's get right to my open.Is the Biden administration recklessly endangering American cit...

ABC political director calls out Biden admin’s ‘confusingCOVID messaging: ‘We’re seeing this backslide

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President Biden announced last week that federal workers would be mandated to get vaccinated or undergo weekly testing, wear masks and practice social distancing. His remarks came on the heels of the announcement fro...

Covid anxiety remains as Pfizer and US government provide different messaging

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The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued new guidance Friday with an unmistakable message: Kids should be back in school in person this fall and schools should be very cautious about removing the mea...

Columbia professor who thanked Fauci for Wuhan lab messaging maintains close ties to China

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Walter Ian Lipkin, a professor of epidemiology at Columbia University, who is known as a "virus hunter," thanked Fauci last year for publicly dismissing notions that the virus could have originated and leaked from th...

Joe dop: Democratic and media messaging indistinguishable on defeated voting bill

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Unhinged hyperbole is killing the Democrats' message. The blue team attempted to overhaul the way Americans vote this week, courtesy of something called the For the People Act. Maar, thanks to the filibuster that Dem...

Visepresident Harris sê sy is 'n 'advokaat’ vir onwettige immigrante te midde van gemengde boodskappe

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"Soos u weet Ilia, Ek het my hele loopbaan bykans my hele loopbaan gewerk en was nog altyd 'n advokaat vir immigrante - gedokumenteer en ongedokumenteer," Harris gesê. Harris se onlangse opmerking word gekontrasteer deur diegene wat sy m ...

Hannity Exclusive: Die president van Guatemala stel die regering van Biden voor vir gemengde boodskappe

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Carter, 'n medewerker van Fox News, het met Giammattei gepraat kort nadat Harris na Mexiko vertrek het; na aanleiding van wat sowel liberale as konserwatiewe kritici 'n rampspoedige besoek aan die noordelike driehoek deur die Californi genoem het..

MacCallum druk terug op die voormalige Obama-amptenaar wat die Biden-grensbeleid verdedig: Boodskappe 'soos 'n krakeling’

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Tafuri, who is a former State Department official, told host Martha MacCallum that there is no inconsistency in the messaging from people like Harris, who came under fire once again from critics over her job performa...

Biden immigration, border security messaging ‘does not reflect reality’: Chad Wolf

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WOLF: Die probleem is, is there their messaging does not reflect reality and the policies that are going on. So if you're a minor or if you're a family member, the odds of you being released into the United States, ge...

Meghan McCain blaas 'psigotiese' boodskappe op entstowwe en maskers

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Die eensame konserwatiewe van die program het in teenstelling met die kritiek van haar liberale mede-gasheer gepraat oor mense wat die aarseling van entstof ervaar het. Sy het aangevoer dat in plaas daarvan om hulle soos te behandel "stom heuwels," die boodskappe o ...

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