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Bam Adebayo’s banner plan: Win Olympic gold to lift spirits in Miami

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They commemorate Olympic gold medals won as a member of the Heat. And Bam Adebayo wants one. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . The Heat center and his USA Basketball teammates — those who were cleared to fl...

Bee Gees-ster Barry Gibb gesien in 'n seldsame openbare uitstappie in Miami

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Die 74-jarige Bee Gees-medestigter is Dinsdag in die stad in Florida opgemerk. Die musikant word nie gereeld in die openbaar gesien nie. Volgens Daily Mail, hy was op pad saam met sy vrou, Linda Grey. H ...

Blac Chyna goes on expletive-filled rant about COVID-19 vaccine at Miami airport

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Die "Doom" rapper was captured on video shouting a string of expletives in the concourse of Miami International about the COVID-19 vaccine and her anger at anyone who refuses to get a jab. "Go get f–king vaccinated, ...

Camila Cabello shows off her curves in thong bikini while enjoying beach day in Miami

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Die "Cinderella" ster, 24, flaunted her curves in a yellow thong bikini as she enjoyed the waves and then later relaxed on a beach chair. Cabello has been busy over the past few weeks -- first performing "Don't Go Ye...

Cristobal arrives at Miami, says it’s ‘time to go to work

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The list of things he’d jotted down wasn’t short. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . "It’s time to go to work," Cristobal said. Miami threw Cristobal his introductory news conference in Coral Gables, Florida...

Deshaun Watson wants trade to Miami, but will accept Carolina

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Watson, who has a no-trade clause on his current contract, has strong say about which potential trade partner the Houston Texans can deal with in moving their Pro Bowl quarterback. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING ...

Desmond Ridder, Geen. 8 Cincinnati beat Miami of Ohio 49-14

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The Bearcats tied the series that began in 1888 by 59-59-7. Ridder threw an 81-yard touchdown pass to Tyler Scott on the second play from scrimmage. It was the longest TD toss of his career. Ridder also ran six ...

Don Mattingly agrees to manage Miami Marlins in 2022

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Mattingly and the club agreed to the mutual option in his contract that allows him to manage next season. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . "There was a deadline in the contract by which we had to make our f...

Ellis tellings 22 vir nr. 10 Alabama in 96-64 oorwinning oor Miami

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KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Alabama (6-1), wat ook gekry het 13 punte elk van JD Davison en Juwan Gary, het homself in die troosgroep bevind nadat hy sy toernooi-opening verloor het teen Rick Pitino se Ion..

Energy Sec. Granholm on Miami condo collapse: ‘We don’t knowif climate change was cause

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Granholm was asked if climate change could have played a role in the building's collapse during a CNN interview on Tuesday. MIAMI CONDO BUILDING COLLAPSE: UCONN PITCHER RECALLS HARROWING INCIDENT, HELPING ELDERLY WOM...

FDNY-veteraan wat op albei die terreuraanvalle van die World Trade Center gereageer het, weeg die reddingspoging van Miami in

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"Die sleutel tot oorlewing is of daar wat ons leemtes gaan wees, al dan nie," het Vincent Pickford gesê, 'n afgetrede FDNY-luitenant en kenner van beperkte ruimtereddingsoperasies. "Wat hulle soek, is stukke van die ...

Florida Gov. DeSantis: Miami sister building of collapsed condo may have to be evacuated

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"It was built at the same time with the same designer, so they are looking at working with them, and I know they are considering potentially evacuating them, but that’s something that ultimately the mayor is going to...

Ford, Argo AI launching self-driving Lyft service in Miami this year

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The service using Ford vehicles and a driving system developed by Pittsburgh-based Argo AI will begin in Miami later this year and start in Austin, Texas, in 2022. It will start with human backup drivers and go fully...

Voormalige spanmaat in hegtenis geneem in 2006 moord op die voetbalspeler Bryan Pata aan die Universiteit van Miami, sê owerhede

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Florida se owerhede het Donderdag 'n arrestasie aangekondig in die noodlottige skietery op 'n voetbalspeler van die Universiteit van Miami in 2006. Die voormalige spanmaat Rashaun Travon Jones, 35, is gearresteer vir eersteklas moord tydens die dood ....

Formula One coming to Miami in 2022

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Next year’s race will be the first in a 10-year deal and is in addition to the existing grand prix at Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Texas. "We are thrilled to announce that Formula 1 will be racing in Miami begi...

Gabbert leads Miami (Ohio) to Frisco Football Classic win

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Gabbert, the brother of NFL quarterback Blaine Gabbert, threw a 5-yard scoring pass to Kenny Davis late in the second quarter and an 11-yarder to Nate Muersch early in the third quarter for Miami (7-6), which won a b...