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Miami-area condo collapse: 94 remain unaccounted for as death toll climbs

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Miami-Dade Assistant Fire Chief Raide Jadallah broke the discovery of the additional bodies and human remains to family members in a private briefing Wednesday morning. The death toll now stands at 46, and officials ...

Miami-area building’s concrete deterioration was ‘accelerating,’ April condo board letter reads

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Almeno 11 people have died and more than 150 are still missing after the condo partially collapsed early Thursday in Surfside, Florida. Rescue workers continue to search for survivors in the rubble. In the April 9...

Miami-area condo collapse: Despite warning, town deemed building’s structure in ‘good shape

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The Surfside official, Rosendo "Ross" Prieto was quoted as making those comments at a meeting of the Champlain Towers South board on Nov. 15, 2018. That was just over a month after engineering firm Morabito Consultan...

Witness to Miami-area building collapse helps save young boy: ‘Like something out of a movie

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Come di 10 a.m. ora locale, 51 people remained unaccounted for as a thunderstorm rolled into the area. It is estimated that the building fell around 1:20 a.m. Nicholas Balboa, who witnessed the collapse, recounted wha...

Miami-area banquet hall shooting: Video reportedly shows a second vehicle may be involved

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Authorities initially released surveillance video Monday that shows three men armed with weapons jumping out of a Nissan Pathfinder seconds before unleashing a barrage of gunfire at El Mula banquet hall in the suburb...