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‘Utopiais about a fictional pandemic in the middle of a real one, as nerds try to save the world

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The timing for "Utopia" is either incredibly good or atrociously bad, depending on one's tolerance for fiction that parallels current events. この場合, it's a pandemic tied into conspiracy theories advanced via ...

Suspect in custody after Idaho middle school shooting that injured three

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Two students and one adult suffered non-life-threatening injuries during a shooting at Rigby Middle School in Rigby, アイダホ, 木曜日に, according to a statement from the school district obtained by CNN affiliate Ea...

ジョージア州の教師が発砲したと非難, 中学校で銃を撃つ

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アントニオ・ベイリーが関与したとされるディケーターのチャペルヒル中学校での事件は、彼が休職した翌日、先週の木曜日に起こった。, FOX5アトランタによると. "デカルブカウント...


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トップで 14 一致, ボルドーのマキシム・ルクは、カストル・オランピックのリノ・ピーテルスに槍で突き刺されたとき、ボールを蹴り飛ばしていました。 23-23. ルクはすでにボールを蹴っていた, 着陸し、おそらく時間がありました。.

Why Hispanic Heritage Month starts in the middle of September

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National Hispanic Heritage Month begins Wednesday and will run through October 15, giving the United States an opportunity to recognize and celebrate members of our communities and their ancestors who hail from Mexi...


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部門は最大の報酬を出しました $ 1 アビッド・アリ・カーンの逮捕または有罪判決につながる情報のための百万, そして2番目 $ 1 それが彼として説明するものにつながる情報のための百万 "hu ...

先週の日曜日の後, ウィンブルドンは新鮮な顔で再開します

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最後にもう一度, 最古のグランドスラムトーナメントは週のように静かでした 1 今年の版の終了. そして最後にもう一度, 週間 2 アクションの群れから始まります, すべてをスケジュールする唯一のメジャー 16 女性と男性...

トップ米国, 日本と韓国の軍事指導者が会う, 中東から中国への米国のシフトを強調する

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ホノルル米国のトップ将軍は木曜日にハワイで韓国と日本のカウンターパートに会いました, アメリカのコミットメントを強調する "地域の長期的な平和と安定" そして、より広い米国のシフトを強調します。.


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バスの運転手が救急治療を受けたときの素早い行動で2人の中学生が称賛されている. ConnerDossとKaneDaughertyは、アトランタ郊外のイーストポールディングミドルスクールの生徒です。 ...

California middle schoolers get ‘uncomfortableassignment of Huffington Post op-ed, ‘Why I’m a Racist

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The students at Oak Middle School in Orange County were asked to analyze various points that the author, Huffington Post contributor Jeff Cook, makes in the piece. "It was an uncomfortable situation," Marshal Violia,...


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"カリフォルニアは最も高い所得税のいくつかを持っています, 最高のガソリン税, 全国で最も高い補足的貧困率," フォールコナーは発表前のインタビューでフォックスニュースに語った. "カリフォルニアはあまりにも高価です。.

Latinx activists in an Illinois town oppose renaming Thomas Jefferson Middle School after the Obamas

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Residents of one Chicago suburb are divided over how to rechristen a school named for a founding father who enslaved hundreds of Black people. A majority of residents in Waukegan say they don't want the district's T...

A Nobel winner knocked on the door of another in the middle of the night to notify him when the committee couldn’t reach him

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It was the middle of the night in California when the Nobel Committee tried to reach Paul Milgrom to tell him the good news: He had won the Nobel Prize in economics. The committee calls the winners before announcing...

Woman goes into labor and gives birth in the middle of taking the bar exam

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Taking the bar exam is hard enough, but one Illinois woman took it to the next level by having a baby in the middle of the test. Brianna Hill, a recent graduate of the Loyola University School of Law in Chicago, kn...

Kushner on Middle East peace deals: ‘The people in the region are tired of war

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President Donald Trump's senior adviser and son-in-law, ジャレッド・クシュナー, hailed the US brokered peace treaties between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain on Tuesday as the beginning of "a new Middle East"...

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs reveals new middle name: ‘Welcome to the Love Era

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For business mogul and music pioneer, ショーン "ディディ" くし, everything rides on one word: 愛. The 51-year-old super-producer revealed on Monday that he changed his middle name from his maiden "ジョン," for which Combs ...

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