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‘Utopiais about a fictional pandemic in the middle of a real one, as nerds try to save the world

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The timing for "Utopia" is either incredibly good or atrociously bad, depending on one's tolerance for fiction that parallels current events. この場合, it's a pandemic tied into conspiracy theories advanced via ...

A Florida school board is renaming middle and high schools honoring Confederate leaders

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A school board in Florida has voted to rename six of its schools named after Confederate leaders after community members demanded the change. After debating the issue for a year, the Duval County School Board in Jac...

中学生は散髪に不安を感じていた. それで彼の校長は帽子をかぶったことで少年を懲らしめる代わりに自分でそれを直しました

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私たちは皆、私たちの生涯で少なくとも1つの悪いヘアカットをしました, そしてチャンスは, その悪い散髪が私たちをどのように感じさせたかを覚えています. ジェイソン・スミス, ヒンディー語のストーニーブルック中学校と中学校の中学校の校長。.

A Nobel winner knocked on the door of another in the middle of the night to notify him when the committee couldn’t reach him

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It was the middle of the night in California when the Nobel Committee tried to reach Paul Milgrom to tell him the good news: He had won the Nobel Prize in economics. The committee calls the winners before announcing...

先週の日曜日の後, ウィンブルドンは新鮮な顔で再開します

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最後にもう一度, 最古のグランドスラムトーナメントは週のように静かでした 1 今年の版の終了. そして最後にもう一度, 週間 2 アクションの群れから始まります, すべてをスケジュールする唯一のメジャー 16 女性と男性...

As variant rises, vaccine plan targets ‘movable middle’

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The strategy has the trappings of a political campaign, complete with data crunching to identify groups that can be won over. But the message is about public health, not ideology. The focus is a group health official...

ブレーブス’ Brian Snitker defends pulling Ian Anderson in the middle of no-hitter

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Anderson went five innings and struck out four batters. He didn’t allow a hit and could’ve made history as one of the only pitchers to throw at least a no-hitter in a World Series game. Atlanta nearly became the lone...


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"カリフォルニアは最も高い所得税のいくつかを持っています, 最高のガソリン税, 全国で最も高い補足的貧困率," フォールコナーは発表前のインタビューでフォックスニュースに語った. "カリフォルニアはあまりにも高価です。.

California middle schoolers get ‘uncomfortableassignment of Huffington Post op-ed, ‘Why I’m a Racist

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The students at Oak Middle School in Orange County were asked to analyze various points that the author, Huffington Post contributor Jeff Cook, makes in the piece. "It was an uncomfortable situation," Marshal Violia,...

Celebrities speak out against anti-Semitism as tensions continue to rise in Middle East

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One such crime was a recent attack on a sushi restaurant in Los Angeles earlier this week. Pro-Palestinian demonstrators hopped out of their vehicles passing the Beverly Grove restaurant and allegedly began singling ...

Covid-19 cases discovered on one US Navy ship in Middle East, suspected cases on a second

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Washington About a dozen sailors and Marines onboard the USS San Diego tested positive for Covid-19 while the ship was deployed to the Middle East, the Navy said in a statement Thursday. The amphibious transport shi...


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コロラド州の住宅所有者は、夜中に玄関のドアまで歩いているクマのビデオを共有しました. クマがドアに近づき、息がドアベルカメラを一時的に曇らせます. ...

議会に立候補している元グリーンベレー帽はバイデンに「F’ 中東政策で

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ケントは、共和党の初等党議員の1人です. ジェイミー・ヘレーラ・ビュートラー, R-ウォッシュ。, 彼女がトランプ前大統領を弾劾することに投票した後 2020. ヘレーラ・ビュートラーの投票は、影響を与えるというケントのコミットメントを具体化した ...


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トップで 14 一致, ボルドーのマキシム・ルクは、カストル・オランピックのリノ・ピーテルスに槍で突き刺されたとき、ボールを蹴り飛ばしていました。 23-23. ルクはすでにボールを蹴っていた, 着陸し、おそらく時間がありました。.

Gator surprises family in the middle of the night, damages house

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A family in Florida was woken up in the middle of the night by their barking dog. When they went to check on the cause, they found a large gator waiting for them on their front steps. According to the family, this is...

遺伝子. キーン: No president has kept Americans ‘informed and advisedon what is happening in the Middle East

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GEN. ジャックキーン: I fundamentally disagree with President Trump announcing a 1 May withdrawal, although he did have in mind there would be in place certain conditions before the United States would withdrawal, and tha...

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