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Old Man Winter arrives early for millions across the Great Plains and Upper Midwest

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Winter is creeping in early as two separate systems bring snow and ice from Washington to Wisconsin. Even southern states like Oklahoma and Texas are in for a big chill through this weekend. Nearly five million Amer...

Task force warns of ‘unrelenting, broad community spreadin the Midwest and West

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The White House coronavirus task force's weekly state reports released to states on Tuesday and obtained by CNN show maps of critically, startlingly high numbers of new cases in the center of the United States, with...

Vragmotorbestuurder oorleef 'n duik van 'n ysige rybaan van 70 voet terwyl ysige weer verkeer dwars in die Midwest woel

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'N Bestuurder het Saterdag 'n duik van 70 voet van 'n rybaan in Wisconsin oorleef. Die verkeerskamera van die departement van vervoer van Wisconsin het die dramatiese toneel opgeneem toe die bakkie van 'n wisselaar afgly..