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Gordon Chang: China ‘might still have leverageover Rep. Swalwell amid spy scandal

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close Video Fox Nation presents 'The China Showdown' FOX Nation's exclusive special comes to FOX News, looking at the rise of China and its attempt to infiltrate U.S. politiek. A new Fox Nation special that foc...

CNN’s Jim Acosta roasted for saying covering Trump was ‘nonstop national emergency,’ ‘might merit hazard pay’

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close Video Trump rips Jim Acosta CNN reporter questions his veracity CNN’s Jim Acosta was accused of being "literally delusional" on Tuesday after admitting he doesn’t plan to cover Joe Biden’s presidency as a...

Former CIA director says unexplained phenomenon ‘mightconstitute a different form of life

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close Video Leaked Pentagon reports discuss UFOs using 'non-human technology' Fox News correspondent Ashley Strohmier joins 'The Story' to discuss the 'mysterious objects' No one can say for certain what UFOs a...

Washington Post columnist says media ‘never fully learned how to cover Trumpbut ‘might have saved democracy

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close Video Concha on media’s double standard about gatherings amid the coronavirus pandemic Fox News contributor Joe Concha weighs in on the mainstream media’s coverage of election celebrations vs. Trump rallies...