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Mighty Ducks: Cambia il gioco” stages reunion with possibly more familiar faces to comeand maybe Aaron Rogers

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For executive producer Steve Brill, the man behind the "Mighty Ducks" film franchise and the Disney+ series based on the world, he knew it was inevitable: Ad un certo punto, he was going to bring the original Quack Atta...

Alvarez, Mighty Mouse back on US TV with One Championship

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Sicuro, they both missed the competition when they couldn't get it in 2020. But these former UFC champions both believe they're emerging from the coronavirus pandemic as better fathers and smarter fighters. CLICCA QUI ...

‘The Mighty Ducksplays the same old game, but that’s the goal

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Nobody was really asking for another "The Mighty Ducks" rinascita, but when stocking the shelves of a streaming service, recognizable titles remain the golden eggs. Enter "The Mighty Ducks: Cambia il gioco," a likable D...

Le anatre volano insieme nel nuovo trailer della serie Disney + "The Mighty Ducks": Cambia il gioco’

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Disney + sta facendo un ciarlatano nel portare il mondo di "The Mighty Ducks" alla televisione live-action per la prima volta. Il nuovo trailer di "The Mighty Ducks: Cambia il gioco" è stato rilasciato dallo streamer giovedì, dare...