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Die wenkaartjie in die $1 miljard Mega Millions-lotto is in Michigan gekoop

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Moenie vergeet om u lotingkaartjie vir Mega Millions na te gaan nie, veral as u dit in die staat Michigan gekoop het. Een kaartjie wat ooreenstem met die ses nommers vir die $ 1 miljard-prys in die staat verkoop is, Volgens ...

Millions of peaches! How to make the most of summer’s best fruit

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There's nothing like sinking your teeth into a perfectly ripe, juicy peach on a hot summer day. It's one of summer's simplest pleasures, and it's hard to beat for pure enjoyment. But it's not the only way to eat a p...

US to block millions for Egypt over human rights

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The Biden administration has decided to deny $ 130 million of military aid allocated for Egypt over the country's failure to comply with human rights conditions laid out by the State Department, according to a seni...

A Black family’s beach property in California was taken during the Jim Crow era. The county is now giving it back, and it’s worth millions

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Los Angeles A century ago, a Black couple owned a beach resort in Manhattan Beach -- a Southern California town known for its scenic expanse. An inviting soulful energy and the songs of Black entertainers radiated th...

Millions of deaths could be avoided under new air quality guidelines, Wie sê

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New air quality guidelines published on Wednesday by the World Health Organization could prevent millions of deaths globally each year, the UN agency said. Fine particulate matter, or PM 2.5, is the tiniest pollutan...

Atlantic piece slammed for arguing nuclear war would kill millions and ‘prove disastrous for climate change

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"On Top of Everything Else, Nuclear War Is a Climate Problem," the headline of The Atlantic article read. "A nuclear war would kill tens of millions of people and would also prove disastrous for climate change," a tw...

Old Man Winter arrives early for millions across the Great Plains and Upper Midwest

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Winter is creeping in early as two separate systems bring snow and ice from Washington to Wisconsin. Even southern states like Oklahoma and Texas are in for a big chill through this weekend. Nearly five million Amer...

Gulf Coast braces for possible flooding, heavy winds and tornadoes as millions are under tropical storm warning

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Millions of people across the South are bracing for a tropical storm that is threatening to dump heavy rain along the Gulf Coast. In Louisiana, which was battered last month by heavy rain and flooding, the governo...

Washington state jury awards millions to immigrant detainees

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Washington, DC A jury in Washington state awarded $ 17.3 million in back pay to immigrants who were denied the minimum wage while working at a detention center, according to Adam Berger, an attorney representing the...

Trump versamel miljoene donasies terwyl hy voor 'n tweede beskuldigingsverhoor staan

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Donald Trump se nuwe politieke komitee het meer ingeneem $ 30 miljoen in die laaste weke van 2020 terwyl hy meedoënlose en ongegronde bewerings van kiesersbedrog gemaak het, nuwe liasseringskou. En Trump se Save America politieke aksie kommissie..

Sy kan nie haar nefies omhels nie, want miljoene Amerikaners weier om die Covid-19-entstof te kry

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Al wat Kimberly Cooley wil doen, is om haar 6-jarige nefies te omhels -- en sy kan nie, want tienmiljoene Amerikaners kies om nie teen Covid-19 ingeënt te word nie. Cooley het twee dosisse Pfizer's Covid ontvang..

17 NBA players make tens of millions off sneakers made with Chinese slave labor cotton

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Agter die skerms, China’s violations of human rights have long been a topic of contention for major U.S. companies and the NBA — making their silent opposition to doing business with China an ongoing two-faced partn...

Millions of Americans brace for severe storms, flash floods and possible tornadoes this week

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A storm system bringing much needed rain to drought-stricken western states will also bring unwelcome severe storms this week to the Central US. Op Sondag, showers and thunderstorms will move through areas of Califo...

Internet goes dark for millions in Indian state’s bid to stop exam cheats

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Hongkong / Nieu-Delhi (CNN Besigheid)Meer as 25 million people across the Indian state of Rajasthan faced government-mandated internet shutdowns and restrictions on Sunday, in an effort to prevent cheating in a mass...

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy thanks Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher for raising millions

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Op Sondag, the 44-year-old took to Twitter and noted the couple was "among the first to respond to our grief." "They have already raised $ 35 miljoen & are sending it to @flexport & @Airbnb to help refugees,...

New York-owerhede ondersoek miljoene belastingafskrywings van die Trump-organisasie

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Washington New York-owerhede wat die Trump-organisasie ondersoek, het hul navrae uitgebrei na belastingafskrywings wat miljoene dollars in konsultasiefooie insluit., volgens mense wat vertroud is met die inv ...

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