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Oz lucha contra los millones de McCormick y el aumento de Barnette en los últimos días de las primarias del Senado de Pensilvania

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Secano, El presentador de televisión de celebridades de Pensilvania, Mehmet Oz, llegó a una estación de bomberos en un pequeño pueblo en las afueras de Filadelfia el sábado., tratando de convencer a los aproximadamente 25 la gente se dio cuenta de que él era una parte real del movimiento MAGA...

pagos de premios por un $86 millones del premio mayor de Mega Millions se suspenden después de un error del anfitrión de la lotería

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Todos cometemos errores, pero para un anfitrión de la lotería Mega Millions, es potencialmente costoso: Los pagos de premios para todos los boletos de Mega Millions se han suspendido temporalmente después de que el presentador John Crow leyera incorrectamente el ...

Tulsi Gabbard torches President Biden for ‘essentiallycalling millions of Americans ‘terrorists

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TULSI GABBARD: When you look at the President of the United States of America calling millions of Americans, essentially terrorists, people who politically opposed him or voted against him, he's calling them terroris...

Biden is playing dumb about how he made millions of dollars: Dana Loesch

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DANA LOESCH: This is cash that they need to be completely transparent about. Even though there was that window where he [Biden] wasn’t in D.C., there was the leveraging of the vice presidential office. If you remembe...

US expected to announce hundreds of millions in new security assistance to Ukraine soon

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The US is expected to announce it is sending hundreds of millions of dollars in new military assistance to Ukraine soon, according to two sources familiar with the package. The final amount had not been finalized as...

Millions of families can now research their history with 1950 US census records

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Cerca de 7 million records from the 1950s US census have been made public. The digital records were released on Friday and are available to the public free of charge at a dedicated website, allowing viewers to rese...

Primero en CNN: FEMA will provide millions in flood assistance funds to 4 states affected by Hurricane Ida

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The Biden administration is announcing a new $ 60 million federal grant initiative to help flood-prone homeowners in four states devastated by Hurricane Ida last summer. Starting on April 1, homeowners in Louisia...

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy thanks Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher for raising millions

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El domingo, the 44-year-old took to Twitter and noted the couple was "among the first to respond to our grief." "They have already raised $ 35 millón & are sending it to @flexport & @Airbnb to help refugees,...

Atlantic piece slammed for arguing nuclear war would kill millions and ‘prove disastrous for climate change

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"On Top of Everything Else, Nuclear War Is a Climate Problem," the headline of The Atlantic article read. "A nuclear war would kill tens of millions of people and would also prove disastrous for climate change," a tw...

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GiveSendGo to refund Freedom Convoy donors, claims Canada government trying to seize, redistribute millions

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The platform said it was refunding donors because the Canadian government was trying to seize the funds. "The Canadian government has criminalized the receiving of funds from the Canadian trucker campaigns and now a...

los trabajadores examinan a los pasajeros en el Aeropuerto Internacional O'Hare en noviembre

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los trabajadores examinan a los pasajeros en el Aeropuerto Internacional O'Hare en noviembre. los trabajadores examinan a los pasajeros en el Aeropuerto Internacional O'Hare en noviembre. L ...

NYC fare beaters on bus, subway lines costing taxpayers millions

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A Fox News Digital videographer captured footage of waves of fare beaters in Midtown Manhattan climbing over turnstiles and streaming through an exit door — many in view of transit cops. An MTA bus with a s...

Millions of Americans will be forced into an involuntary polar plunge this week

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After a mild end to the weekend for many states, Old Man Winter will make a comeback as we start off the new workweek. "Temperatures will be 10 a 20 degrees below average over the northern tier states by Monday mor...

Wealthy candidates pour millions into 2022 campaigns

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Members of sports team families and business leaders are among those pouring their personal fortunes into campaigns for office in 2022, making an early impact on primary contests for key midterm races. In Ohio alon...

Truckers speak for millions – tell Biden, Trudeau they are not the enemy

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Instead of bolting and hiding out in an "undisclosed location," what if Canada’s prime minister had emerged from the Privy Council building and talked to the Freedom Convoy drivers about their demands? Might Trudeau...

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